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Shit Happens

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Maninadirndl Fri 29-May-09 02:02:27

We're in the middle of this phase with our three year old. We decided it was better to wait till summer so in theory he might be outsid ein the garden if he accidentally plopped on the lawn. Mind you the Bavarian weather which is usually quite hot is not obliging at the moment and it's cold outside.

He's had some underpant nappies on a while now and we recently tried underpants on him but he casually filled them. Yesterday he had a spell of diarrhoea and I must have bathed him twice and changed him ten times every time he plopped.

Today he seems to have made a breakthrough having sat on the toilet and peed quite a lot. My thinking is that we ought to keep him in pant nappies longer than planned until that nappy is dry but my wife thinks he should go straight to pants - but then as SAHD I am the one cleaning up all the poo, even off the carpet in yesterday's case.

What advice can you sweet ladies give a lonely SAHD in Bavaria struggling with this somewhat unpleasant topic?

I don't think I'd try toilet training while he's got diarrhoea!
Have you been putting him on the toilet regularly even when he's been wearing the pull-ups? And if so, has he been doing a wee?

Does he tell you when he needs to go (wee or po) or when he's just done it?

(PS I'm in Germany too - but not Bavaria, and the weather is just bizarre here at the moment too!)

ches Sat 30-May-09 22:19:26

If YOU are doing the cleaning then YOU make the decisions re: poo containment. DW does not get to make proclamations from on high the consequences of which she does not have to deal with.

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