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Help - I've confused myself even more!

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confusedfirsttimemum Wed 27-May-09 18:34:21

I am looking into reusable nappies for DD and can't work out what would be best for her. I've read a lot of threads, but have just confused myself even more. I'm hoping someone might be able to help...

DD is five weeks old and was a big baby. She was 9 lbs at birth and nearing 11 lbs at 4 weeks. She has fairly explosive wind and poo, which she manages to spread all round her nappy (front and back).

I need something with good absorbancy and which she won't grow out of tooo quickly. I definitely want something pre-formed and with separate wraps. I also know that I want velcro or poppers, as I know that DH will not be keen on nippas (need to convince him on reusables at all. That's a step too far!).

I've got a couple of tots bots bamboozles, with Motherease wraps (both Applix) and found these ok, but have nothing to compare them to. Now I'm going to purchase a slightly larger quantity, does anyone have any suggestions about what brands/styles are good?

saggyoldclothcat Wed 27-May-09 19:39:58

Separate wrap and nappy is definitely a good idea if she is an explosive pooer!! Motherease wraps are very good, although personally I prefer popper style wraps to the velcro.
Tots bots are good nappies, or Lollipop do similar nappies in bamboo, fleece or microfibre.
What are your drying facilities like? Bamboo is really absorbent but takes a while to dry. So if you don't have a dryer or don't want to use it too much you might want something quicker drying too.

nappyelite Wed 27-May-09 20:53:31

nippas are great- they're really easy to get the hang of- trick is to pull them properly into a Y shape when fastening the nappy (not a T shape) this way they get good grip and stretch so don't ping undone. I like them myself because you can make a nappy fit realy well as the fastening doesn't dictate how loose or tight the nappy gets fastened.
For exploding poo you need a well fitting wrap so whatever the nappy can't contain the wrap can. I use littekiwi as they are close fitting in the leg, but also motherease are ok, and cotton bottoms, which I think are called bummis or something like that now.
Oh and whatever you choose to use make sure the nappy is all tucked inside the wrap with none hanging out.
Good luck.

confusedfirsttimemum Thu 28-May-09 09:44:39

I do have a tumble dryer, but would prefer not to use it too much. I do have a washing line for outdoor drying in the summer. It does seem to be a trade off between absorbancy and drying time...

purplesal Thu 28-May-09 11:11:30

The Lollipop bamboo nappies are filled with microfibre - so you get all the absorbency but a quicker drying bamboo nappy. They do dry a fair bit quicker than Tots Bamboozle.

Lollipop have also just launched their new Pop'n'gro nappy which works out econimically better than most nappy/wrap combo of sized nappies. It's a birth to potty nappy with wrap included - think Bumgenius but without apocket. It is lined and filled with microfibre, and tehn has 2 boosters. One is microfibre and the other is bamboo - the bambooster. You can use one or both and obviously you get teh benefit of quick drying but absorbent microfibre and absorbent but slighty slower drying bamboo.

So there doesn't always have to be a trade-off between drying time and absorbency.

Motherease Onesize aren't the msot absorbent nappies, but dry relatively quickly. The Motherease Sandys are much more absorbent and bomb proof but take longer to dry - on a par with a bamboo nappy.

If you want poppers or velcro then you certainly don't want to consider prefolds - either Bambino Mio, Cotton Bottoms or Bummis.

Feel free to ask any more questions - or CAT mme if you'd prefer.

confusedfirsttimemum Fri 05-Jun-09 17:16:53

Hi purplesal, I didn't realise people had posted more on this thread. Thank you!

Is the nappy you are talking about on the lollipop site as the rainbow pocket nappy? I got a bit confused as the others seemed to have separate wraps?

twoclimbingboys Fri 05-Jun-09 17:55:52

treehuggermums have bamboo sandys for £5.40 each - they are really fab for breastfed poo and very absorbent, just slow drying (but much better than the cotton ones imo). Motherease airflow wraps would best over them - they also have those for £6.20 each.

Upst Daisy fitted nappies and their fleece or minkee wraps are lovely too.

I like 2 parters but my husband always prefers wonderoos or Upsy Daisy pockets (all pre-stuffed by me)!

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