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Wetting through every night

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lunavix Fri 06-May-05 10:46:16

I use a mix of totsbots and bumbles for my ds (nearly 13 months) at night, usually with an extra booster, and a fleece wrap. He's a big juice drinker during the day, plus has a bottle before bed, and every morning he wakes up soaked through to his pyjama bottoms.

What else can I use? I know pul wraps might make a small difference but I don't like the idea of them being so sweaty.

I'm considering using a size 3 tots with a size 2 inside, will this help?

99redballoons Sat 07-May-05 13:07:37

Hi lunavix, I found fleece (wrap) wasn't any good for my ds, always woke up wet. He isn't sweaty in a PUL wrap (I use Bumbles). I use the easypeasynappies "Super-absorbent Burley Knit Terry booster" with an ella's house hemp pocket nappy insert. Haven't had a wet night since. My ds is 22mo now, we started using this combination at around 13mo. HTH

misdee Sat 07-May-05 13:12:30

the size 2 in a size 3 does help, but you'll need a very large wrap to accomadate it. it could be the pressure on him sleeping in the nappiy is making it wick through the wrap, so PUL may be the only answer. the airflow wraps are very good.

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