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MrsBigD Fri 06-May-05 08:12:52

O.k. this probably gives you insight in how 'exciting' my life is otherwise...

I've been 'fighting' to get dd (3.4) to go no. 2 on the potty/toilet for ages. No. 1's haven't been a problem for ages... now finally! 3 days ago I managed to get her to go on the potty and so far she's done all her poos in the potty! We've finally cracked it... Yippieh!

Oh how the little things in life thrill me
I know... I'm sad

elsmommy Fri 06-May-05 08:18:21

Yeah, Well done!!

chipmonkey Sat 07-May-05 02:49:57

Well done! It IS a big moment, I don't care what anyone says.

99redballoons Sat 07-May-05 13:02:33

Well done Mrsbigd! Just started training my ds and I can fully appreciate how much hard work this must have taken from both you and dd!

MrsBigD Sat 07-May-05 15:33:23

hard work and hard on the nerves

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