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has anyone used bambino mio nappies thinking of getting them?which nappies should i buy?

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misssese Fri 22-May-09 13:52:22

So iv been looking round at real nappies and thought these looked really good ( bambino mio) but you never no till you try ! so has anyone used these and what did you think?
iv experienced some other washable nappies as i work with children. ( sorry dont know the brand of the nappies) I found them to be very bulky and the child had difficulty walking also they would stink even if the child had done one or two wees you would think they had pooed due to the smell!
This has put me off but i really would rather not use throw away nappies ???
plz help

swampster Fri 22-May-09 18:18:24

I hated bambino mios - and, to be honest, prefolds are sooo last century. Why don't you have a look around at the rather more gorgeous alternatives around? kittykins]]


nappyzone (MNer)

bumfluff (MNer)

JennyPenny22 Fri 22-May-09 19:23:32

I have some for sale for 50p per nappy plus postage if you did want to try them? Feel free to CAT me if you are interested.

Flame Fri 22-May-09 19:33:05

agree with swampster.

Currently have bambinex bamboo shaped nappies on sale at BumFluff <shameles plug>

nickytwotimes Fri 22-May-09 19:35:49

I bought them and it was a nightmare. Very tricky to get on when baby is wriggly.
Get shaped ones.

purplesal Fri 22-May-09 22:20:27

When I do nappy fairs or displays I always get someone coming up and saying something like "Oh, I used real nappies and they leaked all the time". 9 times out of 10 they will have tied prefolds ie Bambino Mio. Unless your baby is super-intelligent and can read at birth, you will have leaks. If you do get a super-intelliegent baby that can read, you may be OK because he/ she will be able to read the instruction manual that will clearly show that his / her runny explosive poos must only come out in a rectangle shape!!

Definitely try shaped nappies. There are so many good ones out there. Find your nearest real nappy advisor and get a demo and get to see and touch the nappies before you buy. If you CAT me I can find your nearest Lollipop advisor, but the Nappyfinder website run by Go Real will also help.

By all means take advantage of cheap secondhand ones to try, but please don't spend lots of money on new ones.

misssese Sat 23-May-09 12:13:20

thanks guys what does CAT mean not very good at this hehe i think shaped nappies are the ones that i found to stink but that could be due more to the way the family of that child washed them?? or are they all like that??
what would you all advise that i use?
its so nice to get advice from people you can trust( not just someone trying to sell you something)!!!

Flame Sat 23-May-09 12:23:39

Cloth nappies smell different to disposables.

For me, a wet disposable smells hideous, but a cloth one I barely notice.

If it was an ammonia smell then it would be down to washing.

twoclimbingboys Sat 23-May-09 12:23:47

That smell will have probably been due to the washing - probably detergent build up. Extra rinses and only using half the recommended amount of powder prevents it.

nellie12 Sat 23-May-09 12:26:05

Definitely wouldn't use them on boys. I have and they leaked all the time. I also found that they were bulky when they got to toddler stage and impossible to find clothes to fit over them. not my best buy sad however I didnt have any problems with smell. but I did wash at 60 and use bambino mio washing powder which was very good. hth

JennyPenny22 Sat 23-May-09 14:00:17

I got on well with them when DD was small. We did get poo on the wraps sometime, but I don't think any every came onto the clothes. And DD2 is now in shaped nappies and still gets leaks on the wraps with her explosive BF poos!

I do prefer shaped ones once they get wriggly

paisleyleaf Sat 23-May-09 14:10:05

I used bambino mios and got on fine with them.
We had ups and downs at different stages (I did find them bulky.....perhaps why DD was out of nappies before she was walking), and then when DD came out of nappies her clothes then still fitted for another year.
Did have to change the wraps often in the early weeks due to poo too. But that does get better.
I got them 2nd hand from someone who intended to use them but didn't. And I've still got them in case of another baby, as I would use them again.
Had no smell problems......I liked that they smell of clean laundry, unlike the disposables.

JennyPenny22 Sat 23-May-09 23:49:30

The smell will be due to a build up of detergent. You need to "strip wash" then to get rid of it if you still have them?

Allegrogirl Sun 24-May-09 08:31:57

I had Bambino Mios passed on to me and eventually gave up with them when dd was 7-8 months. Got Bum Genius now. They dry quickly, are very slim and are as easy to put on as a disposable. I wouldn't recommend Bambio Mio as the velcro rubs on the waistband, newborn poo always leaks onto the wraps so you need a lot more wraps them is recommended and they're a nightmare to get on a wriggler.

misssese Sun 24-May-09 10:44:38

thanks everyone none of my friends use real nappies and out of all the children i work with only one uses real so just wanted some advice from people who have used them! im guna check out Bum Genius ( funny name lol) and look into all the other advise too so MASSIVE thanks to everyone!! baby not due til end of oct but i like to be organized hehe

Quidditch Mon 25-May-09 21:15:55

There's a good free online advisory site at You can start a question and answer session by email, or if you have messenger, you can book a messenger chat slot. With a real independent advisor, not an agent!

purplesal Mon 25-May-09 23:54:06

Quidditch - I am not sure what you mean by saying that the Napyline is a real independent advisor, not an agent?? Most nappy advisors / agents are "independent" in that they do not just sell one type of nappy. I am a Lollipop advisor, but I am as independent as an on-line store that sells loads of brands. Lollipop stocks Lollipop own brand, Motherease, Onelife, Tots Bots, Itti Bitti, Imse Vimse, Fuzzibunz, Popolini, Modern Baby, Bumgenius, Bummis. When do a 1:1 demo I show all those types of nappies. That makes me fairly independent I think!! I have just looked at the nappy line website and am intrigued that the shop that it recommends is in fact run by the NappyLine. It is made out to look like TheNappyLine is giving free independent advice, whereas in fact it is leading you to buy from it's own on-line shop. I may be wrong here but I think it is only Tots Bots who have agents that only sell Tots Bots nappies (or they used to). Most nappy advisors do in fact give independent advice - they are mainly stay-at-home mums who could not afford to buy in stock from lots of diffrent companies. I know that I could not afford to buy stock from 12 different nappy companies but by being an advisor with Lollipop means that I can offer 12 different brands of nappies.

Flame Tue 26-May-09 10:17:10

The MNers listed below are also "real independent advisors".

I know that I have actually sent people to buy from Nappyzone before now if I think her stuff would suit them better than what I stock.

usernametaken Wed 27-May-09 12:36:12

I had some Bambino Mios with DD, they were so bulky when she was smaller. I eventually used them to stuff things like Fuzzis, Wonderoos etc with. I'm not using them on #2 though. I do have a few tiny Chinese pre-folds that I will use until #2's legs become less twig like.

BlueChampagne Wed 27-May-09 13:16:37

Before buying, check out whether your local council does a real nappy starter kit. Also Freecycle - you can get a random selection for nothing and see which ones suit you and DC best before parting with serious money.

tegan Thu 18-Jun-09 08:55:48

I have had bambino mio for ds and i found them wonderful, even better than tots bots. I have stopped using them now as ds is 6 months and starting to get about so he doesn't have a nappy on if we are at home and he has outgrown all my outers so the huge selection i have will be on ebay by the end of the day.

Octothechildherder Thu 18-Jun-09 09:42:51

I'm not a huge fan of prefolds on newborns but as they get older they can be quite good for daytime and then use a stuffable at night - or if using decent wraps such as motherease, onelife or lollipop - you could use a shaped nappy - bamboo is a great night time nappy.

I am also a real independent advisor!! I am a Lollipop advisor but have just opened my own online store with some other products - so a bit of a wild one!

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