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'Chinese Prefolds' vs. Fitted / 'Shaped' Nappies

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hub2dee Wed 04-May-05 16:54:43

Hi all,

Was hoping for some experienced advice...

I've been e-mailing Erica at Simons Custom Cloth about her nappies and wraps - to learn more about how they're made and whether they might be good for our new (first) baby. Love the fabrics, prints, customisation options, design etc. etc. Gallery here.

She mentioned that although her nappies would give excellent containment for breastfed explosive poo, that for economy, it might be as wise to consider Chinese Prefolds (or 'Diaper Service Quality' as they're called in the States which are basically an elaboration on the flat Terry / muslin, but with much improved absorbency because they are 4 layered to the sides and 8 layered in the middle... you just fold them to make a rectangle, spread out the top if you need to, and pop into a wrap of some description.

I get the impressions loads of people use this, particularly in the States, as they're so effective and cheap - about $25 for twelve -that's just over a quid each ! 'Bummi Super Whisper Wrap' was suggested as a great, basic wrap too.

So.... I am specifically wondering if there are any experienced cloth users who have used 'Chinese Prefolds' (which isn't the same thing as a Terry done with a 'Chinese' origami fold, but in the same spirit IYSWIM), and fitted nappies (Tots Bots, Motherease, kissaluvs etc. etc. etc.)... do the prefolds leak more and give so much more grief that the more expensive fitted nappies are really worth it, or is it essentially all marketing elaboration (aside from cuteness factor - which I can still achieve with a wicked wrap ) ?

chipmonkey Wed 04-May-05 17:05:54

Hub2dee, I've used prefolds and find them fine but the one disadvantage is that when they're wet, the wetness is right up beside the baby's skin. The up-side is that they're very thin and neat when worn with a tight wrap. I've only just got a tots bot nappy which is very absorbant and easier to put on. My favourite are "pocket nappies" like minkies and fuzzi-bunz because there's a layer of fleece between the actual nappy and baby's skin which hardly feels wet at all even if the insert is sodden. The prefolds are very messy with breastfed poo and can leak depending entirely on the quality of the wrap. So far my favourite wrap is the Popolini. Don't like the Cotton bottoms one much, haven't found it very effective. hth

hub2dee Wed 04-May-05 17:24:14

Thanks chipmonkey. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I hadn't thought about the wet next to skin of a prefold vs. perhaps the fleece inner lining of a fitted which would keep that very top layer dry while soaking urine to the back....

is that what you mean ?

misdee Wed 04-May-05 17:49:32

couldnt u just place a fleece liner over the pre-fold? cotton bottom wraps are useless for prefolds i've found, but work weel over a size 1 tots bots. i have heaps of pre-folds here, was using them to boost dd2 nappies but she is potty trained now. i can send you a wrap and prefold if you like in size small. whens the baby due?

fuzzywuzzy Wed 04-May-05 17:55:02

I've only ever used Motherease one size dry. IME (I've used them for both my dd's), they are well worth the money, neither has ever had a leak(dd1 was mixe fed and dd2 was exclusively breastfed up to six months of age). However, I only started using them from when dd2 was about three weeks (I bought them when dd1 was 6 weeks old which is when I started using them with her), as dd2 was too small to use MEOS before this point. If I'd known about these prefolds I'd have bought a few and used them right from the begining.
The one drawback of MEOS being that they seemed to bulky for tiny little legs (poor child would have practically been doing the splits, had I tried using them from birth).

So are there any suppliers in the UK who sell these superior chinese prefolds (I may have to have another baby to try them out on...)???
BTW the reason I use the dry system is because I wasn't happy with the thought of my baby having a wet nappy next to her skin. On the other hand as mentioned fleece liners are excellent at keeping bottoms dry(ish).

misdee Wed 04-May-05 18:09:17

some nappy sites for you to look at.

also contact (i think) for advise after the birth. they'll come to you and give advice based on the size weight and build of your baby.

starlover Wed 04-May-05 18:09:21

My FAVOURITE nappy is the fuzzi bunz.
It is slim fitting, absorbant, adjustable, easy to use, quick to dry and the fleece next to baby's skin keeps it dry.
Have never had a leak with them, even b/f poo!

I also use fitted shaped terries, and regular terry squares. I have a couple of slinki minkis and have also tried kooshies and cotton bottoms.

starlover Wed 04-May-05 18:10:34

some more sites

also try


misdee Wed 04-May-05 18:12:03

how could i forget twinkle lol.

hub2dee Wed 04-May-05 18:12:15

Not being very sharp today. Of course, a fleece liner (ie. polyester, not cotton fleece which has caused no end of confusion in my discussions with the Americans) used as a reusable liner would provide the same 'dry skin' end result as a fancy fitted nappy, if one went for super-cheap pre-folds I think. Thanks misdee.

I'm going to probably do the sensible thing and get a few different brands from the Nappylady et al. to try a few different approaches in the first few weeks (much as I am tempted to do a major bloz and spoil her little tush rotten . Misdee are these your pre-folds ?

TBH I haven't seen exactly the same US Chinese pre-folds in my UK surfing but I'd be very surprised if the exact same product is not available... although the cynic in me might guess that even cute nappy vendors would have little to gain by selling 36 nappies for around £35 (plus some wraps of course), but you get my drift...

hub2dee Wed 04-May-05 18:14:52

Don't cloth nappy users have an absolute URGE to post about them !!!

I'd be very interested to see posts from people who have tried Chinese prefolds (or similar), maybe even origamed Terries and found them either better or worse (and in what way) to the fitteds...

hub2dee Wed 04-May-05 18:15:59

starlover... would you say, then, that your Terries were less perfect on the explosive stuff than your fuzzi buns ?

starlover Wed 04-May-05 18:16:37

hub2dee, the chinese prefolds in your link are identical to the ones I was given.
I am not sure which brand they are though. So, they are available over here.
I do think that you get better containment with a fitted nappy.

misdee Wed 04-May-05 18:17:01

cotton bottoms here hub2dee. they arent brilliant tbh, but then dd3 is so small round her legs that could be why. i have loads of wraps and nappies so can spare one to send to you to inspect and use (on your dd, not you lol)

starlover Wed 04-May-05 18:18:35

lol double post... yes I would.

You have to get the terries quite tight round the legs to keep that runny stuff in.
It isn't particularly a problem, I don't mind having to wash the wrap as well... It's only a problem really if it's VERY leaky and goes on clothes.

I found that the wrap keeps it mostly in even if it comes out of the nappy IYSWIM

I have to say though, that I am completely converted to fuzzi bunz though, and am gradually building up my collection as DS grows out of his smaller sized shaped terries!

hub2dee Wed 04-May-05 18:26:31

Cheers starlover. Thank you for your input.

And thanks misdee, but I won't take you up on your offer (at least not right now)... I'll have a bit more head scratchy and if I need to try a few bits I'll let you know. Gutted you won't let me try them on. I signed up for Yahoo Diaper Sewers Group to have a little peak at their strange world... messages everywhere about how the forum was not suitable for adults with, ahem, especial interest in nappies. .... jeez.... bet their mammas put them in dispies.

misdee Wed 04-May-05 18:27:55

do contact lollipop if you still havernt decided on what system to use after bubs is here. they are very good.

hub2dee Wed 04-May-05 18:43:46

Will do, misdee. Have filled out the Nappy Lady's thingy but haven't heard back yet. Am also keeping an eye out for any 'nappy party' event thingies, and seeing if any of the cloth advocacy groups have got any strange North Westish Londoners you can meet with to look through / discuss the various makes etc.

I've been looking at lots of the archived chat on nappies, and someone mentioned how hard it is to get 'hands on' with a variety of systems in 'everyday life' (I know you can mail order / phone for some fantastic trial services these days, and that's brill), but things like Pampers etc. obviously get promoted in the Bounty packs / at all baby events etc. and IMO it's a bit of a marketing rip off that cloth doesn't have the 'profile' it deserves.... I read several people's posts about their kid being the first kid on cloth theit nursery had had in x years etc.

Dispies is a multi billion dollar industry know and -aside from all points about landfill / chemicals etc. etc. - it has forced the cloth users into a marginalised corner which actually makes me angry. It's not so much what one person chooses to use - who knows, we might find reusables too much hassle, or we might prefer the convenience of dispies.. but I think the cloth option should receive as much support and promotion as possible, and it is nowhere near what it should be (am aware that some councils do a £30 contribution to cloth etc.)

sweetkitty Wed 04-May-05 19:17:04

I'm with starlover - am in love with my fuzzi bunz! I am a recent cloth convert and have MEOs, tots bots, bumbles and fuzzi's. I love my fuzzi's, I've just ordered some more from babykind. They dry so much quicker as well, I am getting 2 inserts per nappy and the nappies dry so quick I could wash them and have them ready for the next day much quicker (if that makes any sense), also should any of DDs size come up on ebay I will be ready.

No one warns you that you will become addicted to cloth nappies - they should carry a warning!

misdee Wed 04-May-05 19:36:09

dd2 was the first and only clothie at the nursery she attended just after she turned 2. i had to give the carers a quick lesson on how to use them.

dd3 is the only cloth clad baby the HV here has seen.

hub2dee Wed 04-May-05 19:50:03

4 misdee

misdee Wed 04-May-05 19:50:57

in the nurseries defence, it had only been open a year

giraffeski Wed 04-May-05 20:12:37

Message withdrawn

starlover Wed 04-May-05 20:30:34

although the motherease wraps get a lot of attention and seem to be very popular I would have to say without a doubt that the best I have had is the litewrap. available from twinkleontheweb

I have tried motherease, kooshies, modern baby, nature baby, tots bots and nappy nation wraps and ALL of them wick much quicker round the legs than my litewraps. I would quite happily swap all my other wraps for them. They are quite similar to the motherease, but have a popper on the leg as well, to ensure a snug fit. The velcro is also a much wider strip for a secure fix.
I honestly haven't found anything better!

hub2dee Wed 04-May-05 20:34:11

Thanks, giraffeski for your advice, esp. as you've had experience of diaper service, pre-folds, fitted, Terries etc. etc. much appreciated. Have already looked at eco-babes' Trial Pack, it's an excellent scheme.

Hey, your ears are looking mighty finely preened.

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