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potty chair!

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tomkat Wed 04-May-05 11:46:03

Hi, I'm having problems getting my ds,(who was 3 a month ago), to use a potty. He's very tall for his age, so have bought a potty chair from Mothercare. He will wee on it, but will poo on the floor next to it (if not in his pants). He can tell you that he's meant to wee and poo in the potty, but I can't get him to poo there! I've tried to get him to use the toilet too, but he cries if I ask him to do anything. The local nurseries/playgroups won't take him if he's in nappies. My dd is 2, and she'll be trained before him at this rate!

chipmonkey Wed 04-May-05 12:03:47

What about bribery, tomkat? Smarties work in our house!

tomkat Tue 10-May-05 21:38:48

Thanks, chipmonkey! The bribery's helping. Have had a couple of nasty incidents, but not as bad as before! He will even ask to poo on the toilet now, which is great. He's getting through Kandoo foamy handwash by the truckload, but at least he's going where he should!

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