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Should I give potty training a go?

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Surfermum Mon 02-May-05 19:52:59

DD is 2 in a couple of weeks and I've been introducing her to her potty for a few weeks. I was advised to let her "make friends" with it! For about 2 weeks now after her tea I've been sitting her on it and nearly every night she's done a poo. Last night she was running round without her nappy on, went to the potty of her own accord and did a poo. We found her trying to empty it down the loo. About 5 minutes later she ran to it again and sat down and did a wee. I wasn't planning on even thinking about potty training until August but I'm wondering if she's ready now. Do you think she's ready or is she a bit young?

Nemo1977 Mon 02-May-05 20:07:52

she has obviously decided she is ready..good luck

jessicasmummy Mon 02-May-05 20:09:47

go for it - sounds like she's ready!

i was given a tip for when dd was starting - a little bit of fairy liquid in the bottom of the potty and ask them to make bubbles! sounds like i might have to give it a go for the humour factor once dd is old enough!

Surfermum Mon 02-May-05 21:04:59

Ooh do you reckon? My baby in knickers! Anyone else think she's ready? Anyone else think I'm mad to start now?

Lonelymum Mon 02-May-05 21:36:08

She definitely sounds ready! How exciting for you! Every book I have read on the subject says wait until your child shows an interest in the potty, well your dd had sone more than show an interest. Pity none of mine ever showed any interest and I had to initiate things each time.

jjash Mon 02-May-05 21:36:19

dont see the harm in letting her go nappy -less indoors while she is interested and obviously knows what the potty is for .Plus think of all those cute knickers you can now shop for

Surfermum Tue 03-May-05 16:55:10

OK, thanks for the advice. We've been and bought some "big girls knickers" and she seems quite excited and keeps saying "no more nappies". So I'm going for it. It it works, it works, if not we'll just try again in a few weeks' time. Have read some of the old threads on potty training (please note Cod!) so I'm off to buy some stickers, some change mats for the car seat and a potty for going out.

Any other tips are very welcome. Anyone else about to start and want to exchange wee and poo stories?

Hermione1 Tue 03-May-05 16:56:24

Sounds like she wants to do it already and if she is doing it already with no probs, i would just carry on, my dd1 was potty trained at about 2 or just before.

Louise1980 Tue 03-May-05 16:57:15

Id go for it. My ds2 always had a potty around as ds1 used it. Ds2 was "friends" with it from about 1yr and just played but from 18mths he used it of his own accord.

Fran1 Tue 03-May-05 17:02:07

Yes she's definitely made her mind up hasn't she!

I recently trained my dd at two, with similar sort of prompts from her. I have to say, even though you're advised not to, i kept her in pullups when we went out for the first few weeks as just didn't feel confident enough that she would think about it when out and about. This didn't seem to cause any probs with confusion and once i did get rid of nappies altogether we have only had one public accident!

My dd spends a lot of time half undressed at home (her choice!) and so when it came to wearing knickers and trousers she did have a few accidents until she realised that the trousers didn't "hold" the wee as well as a nappy!

Certainly makes things a bit easier and cheaper without nappies!

I didn't bother with buying a potty to take out, i just ask dd everytime we pass a public loo, or the couple of times we've been in the car when she needs to go, shes done it on the curbside .

Good luck!

Surfermum Tue 03-May-05 18:32:03

That's useful Fran. I was wondering whether just to have her in knickers at home and put nappies on when we go out at first, or whether to just bite the bullet.

99redballoons Sat 07-May-05 13:23:41

Hi Surfermum, I have just hit the same thing with my ds, so I hope you don't mind me hopping on your thread! Had to give him some nappy free time over the last two weeks and he's using the potty for all of his wee's (he's 22mo). He's been in shirt and socks only the last few weeks whilst at home (nappy when out) and I've just started pants three days ago. The first day we had a few accidents but he controlled himself once started iykwim so he could finish on the potty. We then had a really good day yesterday with only one accident out in the garden, I think he was having so much fun he thought he'd have to go in and stay in if he used the potty. Today we've gone completely backwards with 3 accidents out of about 5 potty sessions, quite big wee's through pants and trousers. Hmmmm... not sure what to do really. He's completely out of pants right now and has used the potty twice.. so maybe it's the clothes.. Plus for the last two weeks he's gone "wee wee!" each time but today he's just not said anything..

Has anyone else gone forward, then backwards? Is this a sign to go back to nappies (which he says he doesn't really want to be in) or do we just persevere? It seems a shame to stop when we were making such progress.

(sorry for the long post!)

99redballoons Sun 08-May-05 10:32:53

better progress in the afternoon and this morning after taking off the pants again

how are you getting on sufermum?

Catbert Sun 08-May-05 10:56:48

SM - the thing with girls of course if you can dress them with no pants and long dresses to still have that free bot feeling - so perhaps use loose troos and no pants at all when trying him dressed - to see if that helps.

There is the theory that with pants on, they think they are wearing a nappy still and will go.

But yes - I think it's very common for newly toilet trained kids to go backwards for a while - as the novelty wears off - and also children will often not want to take a break from their engrossed play to have a wee.

moondog Sun 08-May-05 11:09:36

My dd was dry (day)by 21 mths. I think real nappies helped. Some of thosae disposable never feel wet,even when full of wee!

Before I sound horrendously smug,she isn't however advanced in any way,and I had a go because I was stuck in a Moscow flat,bored senseless while dh was working all the hours God sends and there wasn't anything else to do lol!!

Now would be a good time to have a go-months of nice weather ahead!
Good luck!

99redballoons Sun 08-May-05 17:32:44

Thx for the idea about loose trousers only.. will try that.

Hi Moondog, we use cloth nappies too, but as they are fleece lined (bumbles) I think they keep him really dry so he never quite gets the 'wet' feeling as with some other cloth nappies.

I am still putting him in a nappy for his nap... should this be abandoned as he is always waiting to do his poo at this point? He has yet to do one in the potty (although he has done a poo in the potty in the past, but quite a while before this nappy-free stint). He also gets very engrossed in play in the garden and we've had accidents out there today, but none in the house so far!

moondog Sun 08-May-05 17:36:40

99rb,I never risked it when ds was sleeping as I reckoned that she would have no control over her bowels then!
Never heard of the Bumbles nappies! The industry is really taking off isn't it? We have bambino Mios,which are good but too get wet (good thing probably as if not,I'd probably be too lazy to change them lol!!)

Surfermum Sun 08-May-05 21:05:49

Hi 99RB. Great! Someone to share wee-wee stories with.

Well it's day 5 and we've been fairly successful. I'm giving her a sticker for her jumper and a sticker for her potty when she's successful and she gets probably 6 a day. The most accidents we've had in a day is 2 and one was a little puddle and she then finished off on the potty.

When she's naked on her bottom half there is absolutely no problem. Clothes do seem to make a difference - and even with a skirt and no knickers she got to the potty and sat down and wee'd through her skirt. Bless! She's had an accident in the highchair, but the next day told dh she wanted a wee-week in time and he got her out.

So, the plan is to keep on with no bottom half clothes while we're indoors for another week, then maybe try with clothes again.

I haven't ventured out without a nappy yet, but am going to give it a go when we go to toddler group on Wednesday and see how it goes. And for sleeps she goes back in nappies.

Moondog- that's encouraging that your dd was dry at 21 months. I've been getting a lot of looks and "gosh that's early" comments!

99redballoons Mon 09-May-05 14:39:07

Hi moondog and sufermum
Here are the Bumbles , moondog. They are like totsbots with a fleece lining and you can stuff them as much as you like for night time.

Well done sufermum and dd! A good friend of mine has just trained her dd by 21mo! She was the one that told me to keep a potty in the house from about 1yo and by 19mo her dd was knickerless, then after about two weeks, loose clothing, and then after a few more weeks is trusted on an outing to the shops and just recently has no nappy for daytime nap . So she's really been an inspiration. For soooo many weeks our mum-group would meet and her dd would be bare from the bottom down and she'd whisk her off to the loo.. can't believe I'm now doing this with my ds! I'm sure that's why ds is so happy to sit on the potty as we've been doing it for months when the timings been right.

Just bought a tommeetippee pottete for out and about and some mothercare washable training pants for the daytime nap as it looks as though he only lets out one wee on waking. So today he did a wee AND a poo (after 45mins of reading on the potty) before his nap. He liked his new "bed pants" which I put his little pants over the top of and explained that it wasn't a nappy and to get out of bed if he needed to do a wee. "Not nappy" he said So as soon as I hear him stirring today I'll be up there whisking them off!! He got a new dinky car for being so good doing a poo on the potty for the first 'conscious' time. His night nappies seem drier too.. Like the idea about stickers on the potty too

99redballoons Mon 09-May-05 14:41:44

surfermum, really sorry about my name typos! Have only just realised

flamesparrow Mon 09-May-05 14:44:35

DD decided she was training at 21 months, and then after several dry days in knickers, demanded nappies again!

She's now just coming up for 2, and is starting again now. Think its just too much hassle for her half the time!!!!

99redballoons Mon 09-May-05 16:24:47

Hi flamesparrow, they seem so excited at first and then seem to get lazy or too overwhelmed by it (my ds has shown both of these!). I guess we can only persevere. I'm sure it must be more difficult the older they get which correlates with how stubborn they become! If they're showing signs now we should go for it!

flamesparrow Mon 09-May-05 19:44:46

Yup - I'm trying on and off again now. Wedding coming up though, so not too bothered until after that

99redballoons Tue 10-May-05 14:15:09

OMG !! We went to the supermarket this morning without a nappy (first ever outing without a nappy) and he was dry the whole 1hr trip! Brought the potette out and a small sprinkle at the end but nothing else till we got home! Bribed with biccies saying he could have one at every stage, after car journey, after shopping, once home (nothing big, just the small cadbury animal shaped bics). Also sang a song in the car (to 'round the mulberry bush') "we're on our way to the supermarket, repeat, repeat, no wee's till we get to the supermarket"! Then "we're on our way home". Seemed to work as he kept saying "no wee wee" I AM SO PROUD OF HIM

Still had an accident this morning though, and with the orange juice glass (grrrr).

How are you girls getting on?

flamesparrow Tue 10-May-05 14:19:29

B took her pull ups off this morning, said wee wee, and used the potty.

Put pull ups back on to go out (after a few hours of bare bum and perfect potty), and she just wees in the them as usual.... she screams blue murder at knickers... do you think ones with a picture on would help?

Glad to hear your trip was successful! Back when we thought we'd sussed it, we took B to tesco in knickers... halfway down the wine aisle heard "wee wee mummy" and trickling sounds ... it all poured through the bars of the trolley!!! We had kitcken roll in the trolley though so did a swift clean up job!!!

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