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so where are all the second hand nappies being sold these days?

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morocco Mon 04-May-09 23:03:21

looks like dd is well on her way to potty training so I've got some nappies to sell - hurrah!
I've already freecycled the more 'well used' ones but am left with a few good as new pocket nappies and a few wraps that I'd like to get a reasonable price for.
I'm so out of touch with the real nappy world these days I don't know where people are buying and selling now my old fave (nappylady classifieds, v sorely missed) is no longer there. is ebay selling them again? do people go on '

rachelinscotland Mon 04-May-09 23:54:22

you could try:

as well as the classifieds here on MN if you subscribe to the CAT feature.

JennyPenny22 Tue 05-May-09 01:44:18

Rachel got there first but yes, all the above. Ebay still won't let you sell them which I personally think is a big mistake because they would make so much extra money if they did.

Or come over to the cloth general chat thread and tell us what you have got. We are all a bit addicted to buying cloth nappies! blush

morocco Wed 06-May-09 22:04:45

is there a cloth general thread?? will investigate

thanks for the links, I'll check them out

Deemented Wed 06-May-09 22:11:14

there'sa good used buy a sell forum here

Babieseverywhere Tue 02-Jun-09 09:09:40

morocco, Don't forget I have one of your wraps here.

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