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flexitot fluff loss

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aendr Fri 01-May-09 17:06:33


I have fluff loss in my Flexitots! It's on the main nappy inner, around the edge of where the pop-in booster lies.

I've been using my size 1 Flexitots for just under 3 months - I ordered them at the end of January, so they can't have arrived earlier than the beginning of February. We used disposables when out for prolonged periods and for overnight, so these nappies haven't had particularly heavy use. We have a little boy who doesn't have particularly strong wee and the fold over booster is usually hiding the main area of loss. I typically wash with a 40C cottons wash with a small amount of bio detergent powder for the pre-wash part, and vinegar in the fabric conditioner hole. The fluff has then coated clothes in later washes with tiny pale fluff specs - doubly irritating as they included smart black trousers. (It took me a while to figure out what was going on, and doing extra, empty, rinses of the machine is counter to the environmental component of cloth nappy use.)

Is this to be expected or shameful behaviour for such new nappies? (Should I complain?)


twoclimbingboys Fri 01-May-09 18:00:00

I don't used vinegar in the wash, but surely it shouldn't cause that. I would contact the seller you bought them from and see if they have had a dodgy batch?

Arja Fri 01-May-09 22:55:43

I've never tried flexitots, but Tots Bots are very good at fixing/advising so I'd give them a call.

MoominMymbleandMy Fri 01-May-09 23:09:45

Some Flexitots were made with a defective bamboo velour lining which disintegrates over time.

I e-mailed TotsBots about my one, which went bald after a couple of months use, and they replaced it and offered to refund the postage, even though I hadn't bought the disintegrating Flexitot directly from them.

I must say it was a pleasant surprise they were so helpful because I had found their customer service to be lacking in the past.

aendr Sat 02-May-09 11:46:54

That's very helpful to know, thank you!

DrJen Sat 02-May-09 15:01:48

tots bots have just started making flexitots v2... these have a beige velour lining rather than white and apparantly don't loose fluff like the 1st versions!
defo contact tots bots and see if they'll change them for you.

aendr Sat 02-May-09 18:20:34

The lining is beige coloured, which would imply I have version 2!

Octothechildherder Sun 03-May-09 11:03:37

I have only ever had beige lined ones aswell!

MoominMymbleandMy Sun 03-May-09 15:46:50

My original Flexitot, one of the first on the market, had beige bamboo velour lining.

Doesn't everything made of bamboo start off beige (unless it's been dyed)?

aendr Mon 08-Jun-09 13:22:33

Well, I contacted the seller who told me to contact Tots Bots. They told me to send off the failing nappies to them, including my postage receipt (so they could pay the expenses). Today I just had a delivery of 9 new nappies and a roll of nappy liners, though no sign of any postage expenses.

I sent size 1 flexitots. I've just had back 9, well the packing list claims they're size 2 flexitots but they look rather like Pocket Tots to me (, it's a completely different design and would really not suit me (too many bits to confuse my poor husband). I'd have expected them to send back like-for-like - I chose flexitots size 1s for a reason, after all!

However, I'm not going to complain - at least they replaced them! My husband has decided that cloth nappies are beyond him, and as parenting in our house is a team game, including nappy changing, we're not continuing with them... so we've got 9 brand new Pocket Tots to sell, rather than 9 used balding Flexitots. Now I just have to get around to selling them (and the used bamboozles)!

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