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Poo of Pooland

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Undercarrigetrouble Fri 17-Apr-09 23:15:31

I just wanted to thank whoever put the link to the Poo of Pooland NHS document.I saw it a few months ago on a thread and i downloaded it to show dd2(3 ).We have been trying and failing with the poo aspect of her potty training for months.She got the wee part but refused to poo anywhere but in her pull ups and she would go and hide or go into corners to poo.
Thanks to the poo story she has now been <whispers and touches wood> potty trained for 5 weeks.

Undercarrigetrouble Fri 17-Apr-09 23:33:12


Undercarrigetrouble Sat 18-Apr-09 13:25:42


lingle Sat 18-Apr-09 15:58:14

can you put the link in again as I have just done potty-training and have the same problem. Wee is 100%, poos are fast approaching 0% success.


Undercarrigetrouble Sat 18-Apr-09 19:48:31

Hi i was just about to copy the page as i bookmarked it but it is now saying it doesnt exsisthmm

Deemented Sat 18-Apr-09 20:36:00

Oh that was me!

The link to poo go home

It's a great book, and it's helped my DS loads!

Undercarrigetrouble Sat 18-Apr-09 20:47:21

Thanks Deemented smile
We downloaded the nhs document and just printed it out and dd coloured it in and we read it to her.
She likes to tell us that her poo is going for parties in pooland.He gets up to all sorts in our loo lol.

swampster Sun 19-Apr-09 14:41:52

And me on this thread. <<waves frantically at dee>>

Undercarrigetrouble Sun 19-Apr-09 20:45:27

Thanks Swampster grin
I am amazed at how just reading it to her twice had such impact.

swampster Sun 19-Apr-09 21:17:05


swampster Wed 22-Apr-09 18:01:06

Hello everyone.


PT, have a look at the crazy Poo goes to Pooland - link on this thread.

swampster Wed 22-Apr-09 18:01:45

oops - posted on wrong thread blush

MIAonline Wed 22-Apr-09 18:38:51

Hi, have tried the link and cant find it, I am having the same trouble with DS. Can anyone help to find it please smile
Would be sooo grateful.

Tigerlion Fri 24-Apr-09 17:50:30

I would love to see this as DS has been weeing on the potty for two weeks but only poos in his pants/ on the floor. Does any one have the PDF of it or a link that actually works as desperately trying to get him to poo!

Yvie01753 Thu 01-Oct-09 10:07:52

Hi there

Could someone please send me the working link for Poo goes to Pooland? My son now on 2nd month of pooing in his pants and driving us potty (excuse the pun)


StrictlyAvadaKedavra Thu 01-Oct-09 10:11:00

I have a copy stored if anyone wants it emailing to them

Yvie01753 Thu 01-Oct-09 10:12:38


I would love this emailed as am desperatly trying to get my little boy to stop doing it in his pants!!

my email is:

Much appriciated.



castille Thu 01-Oct-09 10:13:59

oh YES PLEASE! Am despairing of DS...

email castille 211 at the usual hotmail dot com no spaces or other punctuation apart from before the com, obviouslysmile

StrictlyAvadaKedavra Thu 01-Oct-09 12:30:17

On it's way

castille Thu 01-Oct-09 19:58:50

Thank you, hope it works!

mrspir8 Mon 24-May-10 19:53:25

can someone email it to me too please-the link is broken

CheeseandGherkins Sun 18-Jul-10 19:43:16

Anyone know where I can get this as ds2 won't go for a poo in the toilet at all.

eclectech Sun 18-Jul-10 19:49:20

There's a link on this thread.

CheeseandGherkins Mon 19-Jul-10 12:04:00

Thank you so much!

speedi101 Sat 13-Nov-10 08:51:42

I found poo goes home to poo land here, looks like someone was in the same boat and has made a working link to their own web site, so it wont get lost on the corporate nhs site that it used to be on.... -land.html its a downloadable pdf! My kids coloured it in too for extra credit!

Sorry powers at be, but i have cross posted this link, as many people are wanting it, and after searching myself for months, getting led to many bad links, that i feel that this must be shared. its a life saver!

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