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WigWamBam Mon 25-Apr-05 14:11:14

Sorry, it's probably been asked before so I shall go away and whip myself soundly for not searching the archives ...

What dose of Lactulose would you give to an almost 4 year old, who is pooing regularly but whose poo is so hard that it's hurting her? The bottle just says that the dose for children is 1 - 5 x 5mm spoonfuls, and that's quite a big range over quite a large age range.

Anyone have any suggestions?

dinosaur Mon 25-Apr-05 14:12:13

DS1 was prescribed one 5 ml spoonful, twice a day. He was aged about three years eight months.

WigWamBam Mon 25-Apr-05 14:14:13

Thanks, dinosaur. I don't want to give her too much, but then again if I don't give her enough then it prolongs the problem.

colditz Mon 25-Apr-05 14:15:18

Lactulose isn't very harmful, and would be difficult to overdose on. You have to give it for a while sometimes to have an effect. It is known as a softener.

Yorkiegirl Mon 25-Apr-05 14:15:30

Message withdrawn

TheVillageIdiot Mon 25-Apr-05 14:17:11

DD is 2 she was prescribed two 5ml spoonfuls twice a day for the first couple of weeks then I was told to reduce or increase as appropraite. Apparently you cant harm with it as it doesn'get absorbed into the body, it just sits in the bowl or something.

WigWamBam Mon 25-Apr-05 14:18:59

I'll perhaps try her with 2 x 5ml then.


Calmriver Mon 25-Apr-05 15:55:33

My dd is on lactulose. She also has 2x5ml
My aunt gives it to her cat, it's harmless!!!

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