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Calling all mums, Advice sought!!!!!!

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tamula Mon 25-Apr-05 09:33:43


My babe will be 3 weeks tomorrow.

I change her straight after a poo and check for wet nappies frequently. The problem i'm having is that a blistery type nappy rash has developed and is spreading, it looks awful and I dont understand why she has it?!

I think she may also have diaorrea, her poo is orangy/yellowy colour and it always comes out as a fart sorry if tmi!!! She poos about 6 times a day always as a fart and sometimes once straight after the other.

I have Sudocreme, Vaseline, Kamillosan, Bepanthen and Olive oil creme!!!

Any advice please please please?????

starlover Mon 25-Apr-05 10:09:10

hi tamula
her poo sounds absolutely fine! newborns do have incredibly runny poo (specially if breastfed), and it is a variety of lovely colours from green-yellow-bright orange!

I change ds after every feed, and (obviously) every time he does a poo (which, like your dd, comes out with a big fart!)
Try smearing a layer of bepanthen over her at every change, but if it doesn;'t improve then take her to the doctor.
Nappy rash can be fungal, and canestan cream can be used to treat it, but obviously you'd want to check with your GP before doing that!

nailpolish Mon 25-Apr-05 10:14:28


the poos sound finem absolutely fine, dont worry about them too much

if i were you i would as much as possible leave baby lying on the floor, having a kick with her nappy off 'let the air get to it!'

her skin is obviously very sensitive, give it lots of air. lie her on a towel on top of the changing mat. she will love it!

hope shes ok soon xxx

Amberlilli Mon 25-Apr-05 10:15:40

Yes I agree poo sounds absolutely normal.
My dd1 used to fire it across the room!!
Leave baby nappy free for a few mins after each change to get some fresh air. Also Metanium is brilliant stuff!
No harm in mentioning it to HV at next weigh-in.

bobbybob Mon 25-Apr-05 10:16:24

I think babies always do poos as farts as they can't actually push one out voluntarily. I'd show the rash to your GP.

alexsmum Mon 25-Apr-05 10:18:33

just agreeing with everyone else really. normal newborns poo is yellow, in varying shades!!!!

we found that johnsons nappy cream was very good- but i guess its the same as sudocrem.are you using wipes to clean her bottom? if so, i would stop and just use cotton wool and warm water and be sure to pat her dry afterwards before you put the cream on. and as has already been said- lots of nappy off time!

tamula Mon 25-Apr-05 11:07:55

Thanks guys,

I feel so much better knowing that her poo's are 'normal'. I've just got off the phone to my friend who's a pharmacist and she says that if she has white spots - which she does -its quite likely to be fungal and i should go to my gp for some fungal cream.

So thats what i'll do!
Thanks again.

staceym11 Mon 25-Apr-05 11:18:22

Metanium is brilliant it was recomended to me when my daughter had the same rash as yours, it works within 24 hrs, leaving nappy off regularily is good too, but remember to put a towel or sheet under their bum or it could be messy!

tamula Mon 25-Apr-05 14:02:10

Mtanium is the only one i dont have so i'll get that anyway

... She gets at least a daily airing and i use those baby-changemats from pampers!

Thanks again

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