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Cloth nappies washing nightmare

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evansmummy Mon 25-Apr-05 09:28:07

Well, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but at least now I've got your attention!
Have been using cloths sporadically (stil haven't decided which ones to go for) for about a month, and have just had a nasty surprise with a trial pack I've hired. Had maybe 5 or 6 dirty nappies in the bin, no poo, just wet ones, with a few drops of lavender oil so it doesn't stink too much (btw, I don't find it very effective at stopping the odours, any ideas?), just 'dry pailing', for about 2 days. Have just washed them with a very little powder, as recommended, and they still smell quite a bit of wee!! What have I done wrong? If I wash them again, will the smell come out? I can't send them back in this smelly state!!!

moondog Mon 25-Apr-05 09:28:59

What temp did you do them on?

evansmummy Mon 25-Apr-05 09:43:36

Only did them on 40° cos I had some wraps in there that were only washable at 40. Should I have done two separate washes do you think?

LeahE Mon 25-Apr-05 09:43:56

What did you wash them with (brand)? I've never had this problem so I'm not sure what to suggest. We use Fairy non-bio and use one tablet for a smallish load (which your 5 or 6 would be) or two for a bigger load and that seems to work fine.

I don't find that dry pailing stinks at all so long as we wash at least every other day. The one time we did leave it longer than that it got a bit smelly so we don't leave it that long now.

LeahE Mon 25-Apr-05 09:45:32

Didn't see the temperature thing -- yes, I think you should have done them at 60. Our wraps are all washable at 60 so we can throw them in with the nappies, but if not then maybe you should wash the nappies in their own wash at 60 and put the wraps in with a general baby clothes wash?

Hermione1 Mon 25-Apr-05 09:46:04

I used to use terry nappies the ones your folded yourself. i washed them on 90o, and give them an extra rinse if you're worried about the washing powder, mine never smelt. Also good if you can dry them out in the sun too, i read that somewhere. not sure if thats right or not.

evansmummy Mon 25-Apr-05 09:52:26

Does my ds just have dodgy smelly wee then??!! I probably didn't wash them hot enough, or use enough powder. We have soft water so I only used a half tablet, but maybe I'll just use a whole and wash at 60°. Can I wash wraps with the clothes? No 'contamination' (for want of a better word!) problem?

starlover Mon 25-Apr-05 10:05:51

evansmummy... I chuck my wraps in with my nappies on 60 and have had no probs (even though they say wash at 40).
I also sometimes put them in with our clothes, and haven't had a prob with that either.
I soak mine with napisan or nappy bright, the bucket smells a little bit, but not too bad.
Not sure about amount of washing powder... I use fairy non-bio and put in about 125ml for around 10 nappies...

moondog Mon 25-Apr-05 12:16:25

I put my wraps into the kids' bath at the end of the day as doing them in the machine in the past has wrecked them and I 'm trying to do my bit for the environment... (Or am I just a slob?

40 degrees def too low. 60 at least.

chipmonkey Mon 25-Apr-05 13:22:10

Yes def wash at 60. And I gave up on Bambino Mio wraps because it says wash at 40 and someone on MN said theirs started leaking after being washed at 60. I now use popolini wraps. And I would use a whole tablet, starlover, I don't think half a tab would be enough. Good idea about the wraps in the bath moondog!

vkone Mon 25-Apr-05 14:05:19

I've had this with ME Sandy's, I think cos there are so many layers. When it's happened, I've put them on a 60 wash with the detergent and 2 teaspoons of nappy bright/soak in the prewash bit and then prewashed and washed them.

This seems to work a treat, I think in future I will rinse out my Sandy's under the tap (or in the bath!) before putting them in the bucket.

Yorkiegirl Mon 25-Apr-05 14:08:05

Message withdrawn

Waswondering Mon 25-Apr-05 14:16:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

spots Mon 25-Apr-05 14:18:47

I think 60 degrees is NHS recommended germkilling temperature so I always assumed 'cross contamination' wasn't a problem. Actually wonder if anyone can confirm this? Esp. as I washed a teatowel in with the nappies this morning...!

tarantula Mon 25-Apr-05 14:32:55

I always put my nappies in a 60 wash and add vinegar in the rinse which I find sorts out the wee smell. Just use bog standard brown vinegar not sure what the diff is between that and white and fine it works fine. I add some teatree to te nappy bucket too and dont find it smells too bad (certainly not near as bad as the bin in which I drown all my weeds to make a nice plant feed Now that really stinks but luckily it right at the back of the garden.)

tarantula Mon 25-Apr-05 14:33:47

Erm when I said I in the last post I should actually have said dp as he does most of washing these days

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