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Toilet Training Regression

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2littleangels Sun 24-Apr-05 15:01:38

My 3.5 year old son was successfully toilet trained 2 months ago. He had hardly any accidents at all up until the last two weeks or so and has no regressed and does all his wees and poos on the floor.

For the whole two months we have continued with the star chart and chocolate raisin as a reward for every success but this regression has left me at a complete loss as to what to do. I have tried ignoring it and gently placing him on the toilet regularly (which he doesn't like) and if he goes doing the whole praising and reward thing. However, later on he will just wee or poo in his trousers and just smile afterwards. I have tried ignoring this and getting him to clean it up and change his own pants and trousers - and also I have tried getting cross with him. I also read 'once upon a potty' to him all the time but NOTHING IS WORKING. Can anyone help???

BEKsmum Wed 27-Apr-05 15:51:20

2little angels can't actually be of any help I'm afraid but can sympathise.

I potty trained my ds during the Easter Holidays. He was three in March and is a bright enough child so knows what he is doing and just like your little one he continually keeps pooing in his pants or whatever he's wearing and then when I get cross and ask him why he says "just because" or "'cos I can".

Like you I've tried the praise and reward, the getting cross, the leaving him in it and the taking away of all activities but nothing seems to bother him.

I suppose we have just got to soldier on with this, my new ploy is to make him wear pull ups whenever he goes to an activity or has friends to play. He is embarrassed by this so hopefully this will work if I make it a big deal in front of his friends.

Hope you get through it soon.

fifilala Tue 03-May-05 16:38:36

same happened to me recently (message and discussion posted) - only my ds (aged 3) was only having accidents in Nursery remained dry and clean at home, just trying to ignore it and the accidents are getting less (admitt have got upset with him on a couple of occasions) it just isn't the same as potty training- have decided to take the bull by the horns and stopped his nappies at night last night - was dry all night (lifted him at 10.30pm) - I can't imagine this will continue though!

Fran1 Tue 03-May-05 17:08:43

Could you change your method of reward??

My dd got bored v quickly of her star chart, but she's only two so maybe less attention span sort of thing.

Just wondered whether your son could collect so many stars and then be rewarded with a toy or a book or anything he really likes.

I know this is common from when i worked in the nursery and i think your doing the best thing by not making a fuss and making him clean up is a good thing. Surely he'll soon get fed up with that .

I think sometimes the novelty wears off and the fact that he smiles when he does it means he is seeking some new attention.

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