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can i potty train as soon as she can walk, or wait

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tiffini Sun 24-Apr-05 12:09:32

DT1 is showing all the classic signs of being ready for toilet training. (17months)
She had nappy rash last week, so most of the day, each day i was airing her bum, i noticed she was grabbing my attention before looking between her legs and weeing, she has done this ever since, even with a nappy and and says wee wee. She does it before she wees, not while she is weeing, and a couple of times has taken her nappy off, she also has a tantrum every time i put a nappy on.
The problem is she cant walk yet, so my question is shall i have a go at potty traning as soon as she is walking and stable or should i leave her a while.

P.S she is almost walking, i expect she will in the next couple of weeks.

tiffini Sun 24-Apr-05 12:11:11

p.s this as come as a total surprise to me, as my DS was 3.6 before he was potty trained.

suzywong Sun 24-Apr-05 12:14:15

she's ready
just a question of have you got the time and the patience, IYSWIM

couple of weeks gives you time to get the fabreze in and to Scotch Guard you carpets

My ds2 looks like he's going to be much earlier than ds1 too, must be a second child thing, can't wait to be rid of those bloody nappies clogging up the bin

tiffini Sun 24-Apr-05 12:23:45

i dont think i will ever have the time and patience LOL, potty training my DS was a living hell, almost put me off having any more kids
but i would like to get it out of the way, and hopefully DT2 will follow in her footsteps

LIZS Sun 24-Apr-05 12:36:34

Personally I'd wonder if , by the time she can walk, toilet training will feature so high in her interest. You could have a go but with 3 small kids I'd find the accidents very stressful (bad enough doing one at a time !)

tiffini Sun 24-Apr-05 12:38:44

Good thinking LIZS, I never gave it a thought that she would lose interest once she can walk. Very Logical

honeypot01 Sun 24-Apr-05 17:35:00

Girls are normally a lot quicker than boys in toilet training. Sounds like she's ready to start, but might be a while before she does anything else other than wee in it. My son was nearly 3 when he was toilet trained. We still put nappy on at night but still try sometimes not, sometimes wet, sometimes not. Is that right your daughters 17 mths and not walking? Lazy girl!!

tiffini Sun 24-Apr-05 19:44:47

yeah, thats right 17 months and bot walking, either of the twins, twin 1 does have an exuse (have i spelled that right)she was in a hip spica for 3 months, so that will have slowed her down as she lost all of her mucsle tone. Hip spica was taken off when she was 9 months.

happymerryberries Sun 24-Apr-05 19:50:40

I'd say wait, unless you are very patient. dd walked at 11 months but wan't potty trained till 3. Then it was all done in two weeks.

tiffini Sun 24-Apr-05 19:53:21

my DS was 3.6, i just dont want to miss the opportunity if she is ready.

honeypot01 Sun 24-Apr-05 20:58:29

YOU CAN ALL BUT TRY, if she's not ready if sure you'll know, good luck! Poor lil baby ,r the twins ok now, twins can sometimes be slower than others but they'll catch up. Give a go, wots the worse that can happen??

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