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started potty training today, anyone else?

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ilovetochat Wed 08-Apr-09 14:54:30

I hope someone else is training too as we can celebrate and commiserate together smile
since dd got up this morning she has been bare bottomed. i have left the potty out and told her where it is and left her to it mostly.
she has weed on it 4 times, pood on it once and had 1 accident near the potty while eating, she made no attempt to get to the potty and i think she was more bothered about her lunch.
i have done her a tick chart to tick whenever she uses the potty and she loves it, she says tick chart now when she goes.
The only time i intervened was when she hadnt weed for 2hrs 15 mins so i gave her milk and sat her on the potty and she weed.
She is now asleep so ive put her a nappy on and told her its a sleep nappy.
Hopefully some of you will come and join me.
When bare bottomes what do you do when they sit in their highchair etc, i have laid a nappy open in the chair.

ilovetochat Wed 08-Apr-09 17:00:56


TheProvincialLady Wed 08-Apr-09 17:08:37

Yes we started this morning too. Using the tried and tested method of rewarding with a dairy free chocolate button for every successblush So far we have had two poos on the potty and half a wee! And he loves his big boy pants, bless him. DS1 is 2.8 - how old is your dd?

Lizzylou Wed 08-Apr-09 17:16:09

I started my DS2 10 days ago, and so far so good. He is 3, but all prevous efforts have failed. He had a day out at the Zoo on Monday, and was completely dry!

Your DD sounds like she is doing amazingly for her first day smile
I think we had about 3 accidents the first day.

Buy some lovely pretty knickers to encourage her too (DS2 loves his Mr Men and Thomas ones)

ilovetochat Wed 08-Apr-09 18:00:57

she is 21 months, i have some pants for her but am trying her bare to start with. she was dry during her nap and used the potty when she got up smile.
got visitors due now though so may all go to pot.

dinkystinky Wed 08-Apr-09 18:10:26

We started on Monday with DS1 who is nearly 3. Went straight into pants and trousers - had one accident on Monday (at the library) and 3 wees in the potty, one yesterday (while sat in a cardboard box) and 3 wees in the potty and one today (while sat in another cardboard box - see a pattern emerging here smile) and 5 wees in the potty (but he did have 2 outings today - one to a playgroup and one to the park to play - with no accidents). We're doing choc buttons, star chart and a present after 10 stars to incentivise him at the moment. He's in nappies for his lunchtime naps still - and has managed a particularly large poo in there but none on the potty - so I foresee our real problem being with poos rather than wees...

ilovetochat Wed 08-Apr-09 20:16:56

well she had an accident while playing with her cousin, she was hopping about and hadnt weed for over 2 hours but refused to stop playing and did half a wee on the floor then finished on the potty.
not a bad first day, 2 accidents, 1 poo on potty and 5 wees on potty.

Lizzylou Wed 08-Apr-09 20:45:29

Bloody fab day, I'd say!
It is hard when they are distracted, but I think she sounds like she is well on her way smile

ilovetochat Wed 08-Apr-09 21:10:43

make that 3 accidents, she stood and weed as she got out the bath, never mind.

TheProvincialLady Thu 09-Apr-09 13:59:57

No accidents today so far!

DS2 is making up for it by pooing constantly so I am changing (and will later have to wash) endless nappieshmm

tvaerialmagpiebin Thu 09-Apr-09 14:01:07

My ds (2.6) wanted to sit on the potty today too, then to wear pants. I was a bit hmm but he managed 3 wees and only one accident (eating cake in kitchen at the time). He wanted a nappy on for his nap and then didn't want pants/potty when he woke up. Had the pants back on in the evening and did some more wees, then nappy for bedtime. Pants again this morning after breakfast and lots of wees in potty, nappy on to go in car to his father's house half an hour away (and will probably go to sleep on way).
Yikes - it's scary - and knackering! Bless them. Good luck everyone.

ilovetochat Thu 09-Apr-09 14:24:52

same here provincial lady, dd is bare again and has used the potty 5 times with no accidents. she has asked for it 4 times and the other 2 times i offered potty and she used it cos i knew it had been a while.

have to deliver a card later, 20 min car journey both ways, not sure whether to put her in a pullup or cover car seat?

Do you put an open nappy over the seat or get those special mat things?

Again we have visitors tonight, (bloody easter grin ) and they arent family so will probably have to put her in a pullup, hope it doesnt put her back.

Zola78 Thu 09-Apr-09 15:31:31

I'm having a terrible day. He has peed everywhere except the toilet. He's 3 this month and is ready but sooo lazy!! I'm really fed up as we have stayed in all day so he can master this and he hasn't. I hate potty training!!1

ilovetochat Thu 09-Apr-09 15:33:05

sorry its been a bad day so far xola, i seriously think they should do a potty training class from the HVs like the weaning class they do, i feel like i dont know what im doing.

purpleflower Thu 09-Apr-09 15:43:03

I tried DS at the weekend. If he is at home bare bottomed he is perfect at going on his potty or asking to go on the toilet but when we go out he refuses to even think about going on the toilet. On saturday he took 1 look at the toilet and said NO. He then refused and after 2 accidents I put a nappy back on. Do I need to take a potty out with me all the time? I really have no clue about potty training!

ilovetochat Thu 09-Apr-09 15:58:24

dd wont go near the toilet so i will be taking the potty everywhere when i eventually surface grin

purpleflower Thu 09-Apr-09 16:11:00

I was really hoping to avoid it.

ilovetochat Thu 09-Apr-09 16:18:33

i have a small one from morrisons that fits in her change bag. they do special travel ones too

mejon Thu 09-Apr-09 16:31:14

I've really chickened out this week I was planning on starting. I think DD (2.8) is ready - she's been asking to use the potty for a few weeks though not regularly and does usually manage a small amount each time - more often than not with a 'ta-da' after doing it (no idea where she's learnt that from!) but as we have an 'event' on Saturday I put it off as I thought she may get confused if I put her back in nappies. I'm more worried about poos really - she never acknowledges that she needs one/has done one (luckily usually only once a day). She'll happily sit on the pot but is quite scared of the toilet even with the little seat on it.

We've nothing planned for next week so I think we'll give it a try on Sunday. Wish us luck.

dinkystinky Thu 09-Apr-09 17:12:50

DS has done really well today - no accidents, 2 outings (including a footie class) and 5 wees on potty/loo. He needs to be reminded to sit on the potty rather than asking for it....

JimJammum Thu 09-Apr-09 20:22:35

Potette plus, for those that asked about getting out and about. I was tipped off on another thread and got one at the weekend - it looks fab. Folds up, can be used as potty or traning seat on big loo, and has bags attached for catching wee/poo which can be sealed and thrown in nearest bin.

Have yet to try it as my ds doesn't remember to ask in time (only as weeing starts...sad) but will be using when we have mastered that. DS quite young and haven't even thought about using main loo yet....1 giant step at a time.

Why does no-one warn you how hard it is? GF and her "one week" plan = baloney.

ilovetochat Thu 09-Apr-09 22:11:42

i went on my own on the outing so dd has been in all day again, gettign a bit bored already, me that is grin
she had no accidents today but i put her in a pull up when friends came at 6.30 and she wet it, i knew she wouldnt want to stop playing.
I may try pants on her soon but im worried she will just wet them.

hazeyjane Thu 09-Apr-09 22:44:03

Hello can i join in?

We are going to try potty training our dd's starting tomorrow. They are 3 and 23 months. We have had several attempts with dd1, but she has been pretty resistant, so we are pulling out all the stops with this attempt!

I have a ton of chocolate buttons, Charlie and Lola knickers, a Dora the Explorer potty training chart and stickers (printed off the computer), a potette plus and a potty - I may have gone a bit overboard!?

I'm sure I am insane to try both dd's at the same time, but I just thought that if we are going to be awash with wee anyway, then what the hell. Wish us luck - please!grin

Foxy800 Fri 10-Apr-09 12:46:39

Hi there,

We started on Wednesday too, whenever we have been at home she has been in knickers(wont have a bare bottom). We not having much luck though.Wednesday she had 1 wee accident and 1 poo in knickers, refused to use potty or toilet, yesterday in knickers all day and had 3 wee accidents, refusing potty or toilet again, and so far today since we been home no accidents and refusing to use potty or toilet!!!

So any advice would be appreciated. As obviously I dont want to give up as dont want to give her mixed signals, have tried before and given up on hv advice but she is 3 now and showing all signs of being ready.

So any advice would be great.

ilovetochat Fri 10-Apr-09 14:08:19

good luck hazeyjane, 2 at once would be hard but maybe they will compete and encourage each other? I am hopeful for you. smile
Foxy-when you say se doesnt use the potty but has no accidents is she holding everything in all day?That must be bad for her?
I cant advice as im a novice too but what im doing is leaving the potty in the middle of the room we are in, one upstairs and 1 down and basically telling her where it is but not telling her to use it or asking her if she needs it, i just let her go to it when she wants or if she says poo (once or twice a day max) or is wriggling about. If it has been a while since she went i take her with me to the toilet and put the potty next to me and she uses it to copy me.
When she has an accident i hug her say use the potty next time and she helps clean up.
We have a tick chart which se loves.

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