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usually a lurker but need some help

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plantpot Thu 21-Apr-05 14:16:37

how do you fasten an under the nile nappy(pls dont laugh)i usually only use nippas or aplix (mostly tots)but i found these nappies lurking at the bottom of my nappy stack(cant remember buying them to be honest) and there doing my head in theres 10 poppers on the front and 3 on each side that pull into the middle cant remember what they are called ive worked out that one line of poppers is for the booster (is that what its called)but other than that im totally stumped also are they any good

also found a different nappy which has the booster sewed in from the back and also has cross over aplix it looks exactly the same as a tots apart from the two differences does anyone know what make it could be as it fits baba really well and id like to invest in some more (if i could find out what they are)

Heathcliffscathy Thu 21-Apr-05 14:18:56

sorry plantpot, i can't help with the nappy conundrum...but alwyas nice to see a lurker posting...maybe this will be your big breakthrough into the written world!

gingernut Thu 21-Apr-05 14:46:31

Hi plantpot, how are you doing? I remember you from the Nov thread! Aren't Under the Nile a bit like motherease one size? With motherease, for a little one, you fold the front over so you use the poppers that are on the inside (these are the same poppers you use for the snap-in liner IIRC, which you are not supposed to need for a little one) and then fold the sides in. Then fasten the poppers for a snug fit (for a really little one you can overlap the 2 sides in the middle). Does that help for your Under the Niles?

Haven't a clue about your other ones, but you could always have a trawl of the cloth nappy sites, some have photos.

gingernut Thu 21-Apr-05 14:52:22

here's a photo of Under the Nile

plantpot Thu 21-Apr-05 15:03:15

hi gingernut im fine thx(nice to be remembered) i had ryan on the 3rd of nov at 38 wks i was induced due to having g/d (injecting insulin 5x daily nearer the end of pregnancy he was 9.14 at birth and we've settled well into being a family with five children
dare i admit to having the nappy inside out (how embarasing)will give them a go now i know how to use them
how are you?

gingernut Thu 21-Apr-05 15:10:41

We're fine ds2 arrived on the 29th, just a little overdue, at 8lb 5oz. He is doing fine, so cute and smiley, has just started rolling over. I remember you because of the GD cos I remember aswering some of your questions about diabetes (my dh has diabetes). Glad everything is going well for you.

Hope you can work out the nappy now then! I found all the poppers on the Motherease ones a bit of a fiddle TBH. Gave up on them because ds1 developed eczema all over his bottom every time I used them. Haven't tried yet with ds2, he already has eczema so I'm a bit wary, and thought I'd wait till he's on solids and his poo is less runny too. (ds1 has been potty training as well and is having lots of accidents, so I already have a huge washing pile!).

plantpot Thu 21-Apr-05 16:25:48

they wont fit him i popper one side then go to popper the other side and the nappy comes undone on the other side also the legs dont seem to be where his legs are to much of a faff i think too many poppers imo

phoebe isnt ready to potty train she doesnt like not having a nappy on and cries when i take it off

ryan also has eczema although it is mostly on his face

glad to hear your all doing well oh and as soon as i had ryan the diabetes disapeared

gingernut Thu 21-Apr-05 22:44:38

Oh, shame about the nappies.

Don't think my ds1 was really ready to potty train but he wanted to do it...we think it was attention-seeking because it all started soon after his new brother arrived on the scene, but we have persevered because at over 3 we thought it was about time he did it anyway!

Glad to hear the diabetes disappeared...but you may go on to develop it later on, I presume they told you? Hopefully you'll stay clear but it's good to be aware.

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