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Proud Mum- 22 month old, 3 wees on potty today!

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Amberlilli Mon 18-Apr-05 18:13:46

Had a nightmare PT dd, took months!!!!
dd2 has been running round in knickers the last few days and announced 3 times today that she needed the potty and produced 3 wees!!!
I know it'll probably go tits up from tomorrow but I will bask in the light of her achievement for today!!

Yorkiegirl Mon 18-Apr-05 18:21:00

Message withdrawn

coldtea Mon 18-Apr-05 19:11:57

Amberlilli, that's fantastic! I've had dd in pants since last thursday & it's been hit & miss. She hasn't told me once but will sit on potty or toilet if i put her on(though will resist sometimes!) I will see the next week out before i decide whether to put her back in nappies. Should be interesting tomorrow

Are you getting my e-mails? I sent you one about an hour so ago.......

Amberlilli Wed 20-Apr-05 17:23:49

Day 4 and so far so good!
No puddles yet!
However, she is taking herself off to the potty doing her wee then proudly announcing it.
Now if i can just get her to take down her pants first........

I am using the reward system, a (tiny) piece of chocolate for every successful wee.
Hope I'm not creating a new problem

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