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wont poo

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misdee Sun 17-Apr-05 21:44:04

dd2 has been potty training for a week. had to put her in pull ups thursday/fri/sat as she had diahorrea. on those days she screamed blue murder when she was pooing. today syhe needed to poo but wouldnt do it, and she was really really upset.

Rosebudz Mon 18-Apr-05 06:32:14

Misdee, Your wee one may well have a tiny split in the skin at the opening of her anus. These are extremely painful, and do definatley put a child, (OR adult, for that matter)off pooing, lots of kids actually become severely constipated, because of holding, because of pain.

Main thing is to try to keep the poo soft,
also use a nice soothing cream on her bottom, diahorrea alone can give a sore bott',
but especially sore if a split in skin is also present.

Hope things will rapidly improve.

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