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Advice on Tots Bots and onelife please!

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RuthN Sat 16-Apr-05 20:55:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mcmudda Sat 16-Apr-05 21:23:20

Hi RuthN

I used Tots with my ds from 5 months.

He was in another make of nappies (which were constantly leaking) for the first few months.

I would imagine a 4 week old would be waking up for other reasons than just a wet nappy - ie hunger. I wouldn't expect such a wee thing to be sleeping through yet. BUT if you're sure it's the nappy disturbing him, then here's what I think.

Do you have the nippa or the velcro version? I found the nippa was a much snugger fit cos it pulled in 3 ways rather than 2.

Also you can fold down the front of Tots if they seem to be coming too far up his tummy and then use them unfolded as he grows.

Are you using fleece liners or flushable? I found fleece liners somehow kept ds dry but he'd be sopping wet with the papery ones.

Which wraps are you using?

Fleece wraps are great for hot summer nights cos everything evaporates leaving baby nice and cool, but they do smell a bit in the morning for that very reason. So baby is really comfy and drier, but niffs a little

I used the Motherease popper Airflow wraps with my Tots - they're snug around the waist and legs but puffy around the rest of the nappy so that they're really breathable. THe Tots wraps are nice and slim fitting, but don't have quite the same air circulation I think.

I would personally use barrier cream whether my baby was in cloth or not. It's not nice for a wee bot to sit in wee or poo unprotected. It's the bacteria in the wee, not the wetness that causes rash. Boots own brand is really good - no lanolin and nice and gentle. Or the red clover cream from Earth Friendly Baby is good too and has no dodgy chemicals for little sensitive bots.

It's frequent changing that prevents rash not the use of cream or type of nappy - so worry not.

THis is getting really long - sorry!

Once ds was sleeping through - he would be in the Tots for 13 plus hours with no leaks and no waking . If we went on holiday we used eco-disposables during the day but always used Tots for night because they were so reliable.

Right I'll stop there - I'm sure other folks will have some other advice too - don't give up on the Totsbots!!

Rai Sat 16-Apr-05 22:06:46

Hi Ruth,

Used tots bots and motherease onesize for ds 8 weeks old and motherease wraps. tots bots much more absorbant, though when ds older found that with boosters the motherease fine.

I would agree with baby 3/4hrs waking likely to be something else like hunger, though this is only personal experience from my two kids.

Our nappies do tend to be wringing wet by morning but clothing is dry. The urine will be the same temperature as the body and if there is no redness then highly unlikely to be any irritation.

As for barrier creams I only use if there is redness. Otherwise as long as you change regularly and wash baby with water at nappy changes you should be fine with out creams

RuthN Sun 17-Apr-05 12:38:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

polkadot Sun 17-Apr-05 18:56:16

I use a tot bots + additional tot bots booster + Kushie wrap for my dd. She sleeps for 12-14 hours overnight without being changed. I use Metanium as a barrier cream and she's had no problems with nappy rash. To avoid leaks I suggest that you take care to make sure that all of the nappy is tucked well inside the liner to avoid a wicking effect - when we've had problems this was the cause. Good luck.

cally272 Sun 17-Apr-05 22:46:56

I use minki stuffables at night on my dd and find them fantastic, as you can add as much absorbancy as you want! Well worth a try, and as they are completely lined with fleece, baby stays dry all night long. dd sleeps from 7pm to 9am and her skin is only mildly damp-she does smell though!
Would recommend them to everyone.

Maisiemog Thu 26-May-05 02:34:55

Hi RuthN belated congratulations on your baby. I just came across your thread whilst looking for something else in the middle of the night (my baby just went to bed - teeth!)
What you're describing sounds like what happens to my ds when I put on a nappy that's a bit too big for him. The nappy seems to sag down a bit and he ends up peepeeing on the waistband. It's a bit of a pain.
I recommend doing the nappy and wrap up quite tightly, but so that you can still get your hand down the front with a squeeze. Also putting on a well fitting vest over the top to keep it all in place and together and a sleepsuit, not a two piece pyjama.
You can use muslins on a little baby - you should still get the poo containment, and they can't wriggle about and stop you putting the muslin on at that age. I think you use a kite fold look on the nappy lady site for folds.
Or a diddy diaper is good, very neat, or a bimble very neat as well.
Hope it's all sorting itself out anyway.
Best wishes

Kiwicath Thu 26-May-05 06:49:47

Hi RuthN. My little fella has been in tots from a few days old. He slept thru from 6 weeks (with a dream feed and change of bum at 10pm) and even though he's wet in the morning, his clothes are never wet or had a rash. I don't use barrier cream but do keep some on standby in case he starts to look a bit red - usually due to the heat. "Rash" is cased by the reaction between poo and wee so as long as you change him as soon as he's done a poo, you shouldn't have a problem. I use and love fleece liners but was never happy with the fleece wraps - found that they made the sheets/clothes damp/smelly and therefore washing constantly. Motherease wraps are brill in my opinion. He's 17 months and I'm still using the size 2 tots folded down for a more "hipster" look. It also stops any wetness creeping up to his tummy and it make the wraps fit nicely. Hope this helps. We all have our likes and dislike but tots are preddy much the pick of the litter in cloth nappy circles - hang in there. Midwifes and health visitors, I'm sure, are lovely people but they don't know EVERYTHING. Take advice but always with a grain of salt, then use you own judgement. Cheers.

RuthN Thu 26-May-05 21:14:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

chipmonkey Fri 27-May-05 11:57:56

Ruth N, I find the popolini wraps nice.

RuthN Fri 27-May-05 20:16:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RuthN Sat 28-May-05 18:07:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

travellingmama Wed 01-Jun-05 13:20:25


West Sussex gives out motherease onesize for any family willing to CD. Unfortunately they have not worked well for us.

We LOVE tots bots! At night we put a fleece wrap on him with no poppers ect touching the wrap so it won’t wick. Wool is fab too! You only have to wash it once a month unless poo gets on it. (Sounds odd, I know, but it really is true).

In regards to barrier cream, Vaseline is as fancy as you need. There are even organic creams available. However, if you change your nappies frequently and wash them properly you probably won’t need to use it often.

Nappies are uber absorbent. If you use detergent instead of baking soda, eco balls or soap nuts, use half of what you would normally use on your clothes. Don’t use fabric softener. The reason is that you won’t get all the soap / fabric softer out and will not only make your nappies less absorbent but the soap film will irritate your baby’s skin. Hence why a lot of people have problems with nappy rash when Cding.

Oh and waking up is very normal. My baby still wakes up twice to feed and he is five months.

Maisiemog Wed 01-Jun-05 21:21:30

Sorry to hijack the thread Ruth, but whilst we're on the subject, I have another Tots query. I just wanted to run past all you Totsbotters....
I have just bought some nippa size 2 tots bots from a friend, and the elastic seems very slack/non existent.
I suspect she has been tumbledrying them, as they are super fluffy and very soft.
Are nippa tots less elasticated than aplix?
Can't decide whether to keep them or sell them on.
My ds is now past the bf poo stage, as he is on solids, so might be fine.
Advice gratefully received.

LeahE Wed 01-Jun-05 21:26:54

We've used TotsBots from birth -- use Motherease wraps during the day and the fleece wraps at night with a booster. He goes through 12 hours in the nappy with no problem (now, if he'd just sleep for the 12 hours...). The fleece wrap definitely helps to keep him drier overnight (and I haven't noticed the pong, myself).

The only thing I have found with TB is that we needed to move DS up to the next size well before he hit the weight limit as he started exploding out of the back.

Maisiemog -- I haen't used the aplix ones, but my (bought new) nippa TotsBots are nice and stretchy.

RuthN Wed 01-Jun-05 21:38:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

misdee Wed 01-Jun-05 21:40:37

maisiemog, totsbots will re-elastic the totsd for you, at a small cost. email them and ask.

Maisiemog Wed 01-Jun-05 21:45:56

Hi all, I have heard of the re-elastication service Misdee. I have reservations though, as I read they cut into the nappy rather than unpicking the stitching, and it isn't the same afterwards.

Do you think it's worth re-elasticating with a nippa nappy now we don't have the bf poo thing??
I don't know?!?!?

RuthN Wed 01-Jun-05 22:25:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Maisiemog Fri 03-Jun-05 01:34:14

I sat up tonight and unpicked one of the tots to see what the elastic was like. Rubbish! So I've now replaced the elastic in one of them, using lastin, which is apparently the best nappy elastic. It looks alright, so I'm testing it tonight to see how it works.
Quite pleased with myself actually

RuthN Fri 03-Jun-05 20:37:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Maisiemog Fri 03-Jun-05 23:19:48

Course you can Ruth. Actually, I have made the elastic a bit tighter than the original tots bot, so it looks slightly different. But heyho!

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