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Idiots guide to cleaning a potty needed please!!

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Thankyouandgoodnight Thu 05-Mar-09 21:18:39


ravenAK Thu 05-Mar-09 21:20:01

Shower spray! Obviously tip any lumps down the loo first...

Shitemum Thu 05-Mar-09 21:21:37

Tip down loo, wipe out with loo paper if pooed in , rinse again and you're done. Oh, and clean properly with bath cleaner or whatever now and then...

FrazzledFairyFay Thu 05-Mar-09 21:26:09

tip contents down loo and wipe out with loo roll each time. From time to time, wipe with anti-bac wipe, or anti-bac spray, or loo cleaner or similar.

pooka Thu 05-Mar-09 21:31:05

I tip out contents into loo. Then place potty in large sink and pour hot running water with a tiny squidge of bleach in until the water is clear. Use bleach because ds and dd also use potty as hat.

mumoftoby Thu 05-Mar-09 22:37:34

For wee's I just empty into loo, then add water from sink and then pour that down loo too. For solids, same then wipe with loo roll, then put more water and a few pumps of antibac handwash in (I should stop being lazy and leave a pack of antibac wipes in the bathroom) and finally rinse.

vesela Fri 06-Mar-09 11:49:10

Having only just potty-trained, we still have baby wipes around - they're excellent for the initial wipe-out after tipping a poo down the loo.

SchnitzelVonKrumm Fri 06-Mar-09 12:05:12

we use white vinegar for ours, decanted into a spray bottle. antibacterial and won't harm toddler if left lying around.

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