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I need some help!

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thepuddingchef Wed 04-Mar-09 18:14:11

I have been told that a book called, 'poo goes to poo land' could help my ds and his pooing issues, but I can't find it anywhere on the net! Could someone tell me where I can get a copy.
Thank you! smile

zuzkah Fri 06-Mar-09 13:26:51

bumping for you...
maybe you can make up your own story with your child. that could be fun, eh?

tutu100 Fri 06-Mar-09 16:14:20

My hv gave me a photocopied booklet of it. DP and his mates wet themselves reading it, but it did seem to help ds1 get the idea of where poo needed to go. Ask your health visitor if you can, but I'll have a look and see if we still have our copy if we have I can copy it and send it to you.

swampster Fri 06-Mar-09 21:47:53

Poo goes to Pooland (it is a link straight to a pdf download of the story). Note to self: stop being such a nerd!

I also like Everybody Poos by Taro Gomi.

tutu100 Fri 06-Mar-09 22:23:09

Swampster how on earth did you find that. Ours is the same story, but different illustrations although they still look like the work experience kid did them in their lunch break.

swampster Fri 06-Mar-09 22:27:04

My name is swampster and I am a geek blush

thepuddingchef Sat 07-Mar-09 15:27:48

hello.....I've just looked on here and i thought my plea for help had been consigned to the bin.......thank you zuzkah for bumping and swampster you are the best nerd ever...thnk you so to do some reading grin

swampster Sun 08-Mar-09 00:30:48


PinkTulips Wed 22-Apr-09 20:06:42

AARRGGGHHH, stupid IT tech dp didn't put adobe back on this pc when he went mental cleaning it and i can't read pdf...... will have to get him to sort it.

thanks for the link swampy grin

speedi101 Sat 13-Nov-10 08:52:03

I found poo goes home to poo land here, looks like someone was in the same boat and has made a working link to their own web site, so it wont get lost on the corporate nhs site that it used to be on.... -land.html its a downloadable pdf! My kids coloured it in too for extra credit!

Sorry powers at be, but i have cross posted this link, as many people are wanting it, and after searching myself for months, getting led to many bad links, that i feel that this must be shared. its a life saver!

speedi101 Sat 13-Nov-10 08:55:09

poo goes to pooland link. oops in my haste i mistyped the link, its -land.html

speedi101 Sat 13-Nov-10 09:00:25

sorry not technical myself the link is definately -land.html i accidently left a space in the address. why cant they make these simple?

Lexilicious Sat 13-Nov-10 09:32:08

how bizarre. on a mobility-furniture page.
but thanks, have downloaded. bit early for us but I see it mentioned a lot so best to be prepared.

gao Fri 26-Nov-10 03:46:35

I agree

yesway Sun 17-Mar-13 07:50:19

Those links aren't working these days but I found it here:

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