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is this a good sign or just a fluke???

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blushingm Tue 03-Mar-09 20:17:15

Last night dd said wee toilet so i sat her on toilet and she did a wee!! woo hoo all smiles etc etc

Today I thought i'd bite the bullet and put her in pants.......anyway I was in the kitchen getting s drink and she started shouting mummy wee mummy wee. I came running and she's wee'd in the potty with her pants and trousers still on (i don't know if she tried to pull them down or not). It was a big wee so loads of praise etc. She didn't go again til the afternoon when she was half asleep and she wee'd herself. I changed her into clean pants and she didn't go again atall. She's in a nappy now for bed and still hasn't wee'd. I've asked her and she says no wee

any advice on what to do next??

ps she's 2.8

livysmum Tue 03-Mar-09 21:15:21

I'd take that and run sprints with it.
She seems to be aware of when she needs to go.
We're started a few days ago with no pants on at all.. just running around bare bum and now we have pants on.
Your DD is doing a great job! Lots of praise and if shes really comfy with the potty then dont bother sitting on it every hour or so. maybe get one of thoes potty charts

and check them off or stamp them off with stickers or whatever DD is into. and Praise plenty and stay consistant.. dont give up if day 4 or 5 or 6 isnt so good. Supernany says pick one.. either nappys of pants once you;ve made the decision. so if you have to go out in the car its still pants.
Good job and good luck

blushingm Tue 03-Mar-09 21:32:57

thanks lv - i think i'm just having a crisis of confidence

my baby is growing more independant by the day sad

i've got a load of pink star stickers she'll love them - might keep them handy for her next success

one question how do i move from wee's to poohs?

blushingm Thu 05-Mar-09 21:01:14

well she was at the cm today whilst i was at work and didn't have one success sad

do i give up or persevere?

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