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First day on cloth nappies - flight into the unknown!!!!

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sweetkitty Fri 15-Apr-05 09:00:34

Well we have finally done it bought the trial pack, washed twice before use and todays the day, DDs bum is now well padded in a motherease OS, fleece liner and MO Rikki wrap.

First impressions are not too keen on the MEOs think they are cut too wide between the legs for DD, I think they look as if her legs are being pushed too far apart and theres too much in the crotch area (maybe it's my perception as shes always been in pampers). DD is 9 months normal height but only about 17lbs bless her.

So we have a Bumble and a totsbots to try later as well, I'll keep you posted (sorry I'm very sad and excited about my trial and have no one else to share this with). Have been looking at Fuzzi Bunz too they seem fab all in all liner and wrap but stuffable???

flamesparrow Fri 15-Apr-05 09:02:44

Good luck

sweetkitty Fri 15-Apr-05 10:52:18

Right first nappy change fleece liner looked good nappy seemed really wet but it's only been on 3 hours think this is because I'm not used to them yet. DD managed to wee on the wrap whilst I was changing her too

Have put another MEO on her see how it goes first poo should be interesting!!

juuule Fri 15-Apr-05 11:04:40

Sounds good to me. 3-4hours between nappy changes is good. If the nappy was really wet, then it's doing it's job soaking up the wee and if dd's clothes weren't wet then the wrap's doing it's job too So it seems its all working well.
Also, don't know how many times you've washed the nappies but they don't reach full absorbency until after about 3 washes.
Enjoy your nappying

Waswondering Fri 15-Apr-05 11:11:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Oil Fri 15-Apr-05 12:47:30

Good for you, SK, it is a bit of a shock at first realising that the nappy gets wet - daft, but using throwaways gives you a false impression of what's going on down there. We are doing really well with MotherEase and wish you all luck.

cally272 Fri 15-Apr-05 12:53:06

Fuzzi's are fab! I use them and minki's, have tried all of the nappies out there. love tots, but cant be bothered with the different layers. I found same prob. with meos and my dd no small chicken - 6 months, 22lbs, they are very wide between legs and make poor dd look like shes horse riding.
I sell fuzzi (and most other good nappies) and offer a full refund on any u not 100% happy with. All I ask is that you only use 1 to see how you get on. if u not happy will refund all unused ones and 1 used one (minus all postage costs)
stuffable seems like a bizarre concept until you actaully see one. My first imagined impressions were a cloth envelope with a load of bunched up rags shoved inside, but they are nothing like that - they are imo the easiet nappies around, dry in no time and are so easy to use.
Best of luck

pootlepod Fri 15-Apr-05 13:48:04

Well done!

i found that 'bunching' too with the motherease at first although I don't notice it as much now. So you may find your others better or you may just get used to it in a few days!

sweetkitty Fri 15-Apr-05 14:34:09

thanks for the replies it's good to get different opinions and know i'm not the only one considering using cloths you would think you are the only one on the planet sometimes.

update is we are now on the bumble doesn't seem as wide as the MEO but again seems very bulky difficult to get her trousers back on though and they are 6-9 months she has recently just started wearing so have bags of room.

I have to admit the big bum and wide crotch is the only off putting thing dealing with poo is a doddle.

Yorkiegirl Fri 15-Apr-05 14:43:48

Message withdrawn

fintamoo Fri 15-Apr-05 16:25:45

We've been using cloth for 1 1/2 years, a mixture or terry sqaures, totsbots, huggles, bearbehinds and fuzzi's. The big bum look takes some getting used to. When dd2 first started to wear cloth, she walked like John Wayne....LOL

Now we are nearing the end of cloth nappies during the day (dd2 just turned 3) and to be honest without her BIG BUM she doesnt look the same anymore.

You'll find that you will come across a great combination and never look back. Well done for using cloth.

sweetkitty Fri 15-Apr-05 19:30:55

thanks for all your support!

Well thats our first day in cloths over with, we tried MEOs (liked the poppers but felt it was too wide cut in the legs for DD she looked really funny with 2 little legs sticking out of a huge nappy can't believe you can put these on a 7lb newborn), bumble (thought it was a bit bulky) and an unbleached tots bots (liked this the best but thought again it was too bulky).

The actual nappy changing and washing isn't a problem I think it's my perception of the size of DD's bum in them, it's like twice as big as her little head. I suppose I will get used to it eventually. I'm washing a Rainbow bot tonight see if that's any better, I'm not bothered about nighttime it's daytime and the big look under her clothes. I think I will buy a Fuzzi Bunz and a Minki next and give them a try (of course telling DP they will save us loads of money )

sweetkitty Fri 15-Apr-05 19:31:42

Forgot to add DD is now back in a Pampers Active Fit as I don't have any boosters for my tots bots yet and don't think they would withstand a night time.

MrsMiggins Fri 15-Apr-05 20:09:03

I use Motherease & I agree it does make the bum look big !!
I dont think it affects their legs although I agree it does look like it's making them wider apart.
The only downside I have found is that you have to put your kids in bigger sizes of trousers - especially places like Next. Still thats ok.
I'm afraid I use disposables at night - means you dont have to change them so often when little. Also use disposables on holiday.
Do what works for you I say
Stick with it

sweetkitty Sun 17-Apr-05 14:15:41

Second trial day today tried rainbow bot and it seems my favourite so far.

You should have seen DP when I informed him you have to flush the poo down the loo!

sweetkitty Fri 22-Apr-05 08:38:41

Another nappy order arrived yesterday (becoming addicted v quickly) we got some lovely pink rainbow bots and a fuzzi bunz, washed all the absorbant bits twice and we will have a go today.

Poor DD has bad nappy rash as well angry red welts on her bum that are bleeding, Sudocrem and Metanium not working so after trawling through MN last night tried some Canestan this morning.

lmccrean Fri 22-Apr-05 13:15:38

Good for you trying them out. I thought the MEOS were too big too - even on my 2 yr old. I have a few WAHM nappies by minki - pocket nappies, which are my absolute favourite. So easy to use and incredible cute, and the slinki minki is quite trim fitting. I stuff them with Mother of Eden microcloth pad things which are the best booster I have ever used, and dd is a very heavy wetter.

If you are staying with cloth, do try ebay for second hand nappies as you can save a bit more money!

pootlepod Fri 22-Apr-05 13:16:57

Sweet kitty, glad the nappies are working well. If you think your LO might have thrush, it couls be an idea to wash all your nappies as high as you can, and to stay off fleece liners if you are using them, I found they aggravated LO's nappy rash.

LOL at your husband though, does he not flush his own poo down the loo???

MrsDoolittle Fri 22-Apr-05 13:36:10

Hi sweetkitty,
I'm another advocate of totsbots. I have 5 MEOS, but I have the same problems with them that you do, as result I don't use them. She's a year and they are still too wide!!
I have never needed to use a booster yet. I use my bumble nappies at night time, I love them but they are too bulky during the day.
I have a number of cutie patooties that I use using the day and I am considering some minki's.

MrsDoolittle Fri 22-Apr-05 13:37:07

As for that nappy rash- try camomile tea. Honestly, it works. If the canesten doesn't that is!

sweetkitty Fri 22-Apr-05 15:27:46

She had the nappy rash before we started on the cloths so I know it's not them, went up shops today forgot to buy camomile tea - doh!

She's now got on a Fuzzi bunz petite toddler which she's right at the minimum weight for but it fits ok and should last her a while. I have to admit it's the least bulky looking of all the ones I tried.

I did bid on some on ebay but they ended up only being about £1 cheaper than if I bought them new.

Oh no something else to try a slinki minki (I'm developing a serious habit here).

honeypot01 Sun 24-Apr-05 11:42:53

why do u want to do so much extra washing if you dont mind asking? Disposable are so much easier, just puit them on and throw ewm away after. Sounds like your making a lot more work for yourself!

Cristina7 Sun 24-Apr-05 11:50:28

Honeypot, what about saving the planet?

I use TotsBots on DD (7 weeks) and i'm starting to like them. Disposables for nighttime still.

evansmummy Sun 24-Apr-05 14:40:38

Honeypot, I've another reason. As another MN pointed out too, I can't bear the though of those horrible chemicals against my ds's skin!And another - the cost!
Last night was our first time using cloths at night, used tots bots and a redrap - great! No leaks, was really surprised that a fleece wrap would stay dry! Only thing was that ds's bottom was a bit damp. Is it worth putting in an extra booster in the tots for night-time?

misdee Sun 24-Apr-05 14:42:26

so much extra washing? with 2 in nappies i was only doing an extra load every other day. now with one dry in the day its even less often. not exatcly hard work.

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