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HELP! 4.5yr old still pooing in his pants!

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Gwenick Thu 14-Apr-05 12:12:56

OMG I'm at the end of my tether. DS1 was toilet trained at just under 3yrs old (3 weeks short of his birthday) he took longer 'mastering' poos than wee's but 'seemed' to be fairly under control.

HOWEVER, since then (1 1/2yrs ago) we have VERY frequent accidents, either whole poos, or he starts doing a poo before he seems to realise he needs one! The last 2 days have been a nightmare! I've had to throw out 4 pairs of pants as they were so badly soiled I couldn't bear to put them in the washing machine with the others. He did one in his nappy during the night, and he said "sorry" (as per usual) but then 4hrs later turned round and said he'd had an accident and done it in his pants.

What do I do? He's supposed to be going to nursery this afternoon, and he should be starting school in September, but almost every single time he needs a poos we get a least a 'little' (sometimes it is only a tiniest hint), or even whole poo in pants.

flashingnose Thu 14-Apr-05 12:17:04

Isn't this a recognised condition beginning with e - encompressis or something? Where basically there's a big blockage (sorry) and bits can leak past without the child being able to control it? A friend of mine's ds had this (carried on into school as well) and they sorted it out with help from their GP and a specialist.

soapbox Thu 14-Apr-05 12:21:43

Gwenick - there was a thread a while ago on here from Peckerollover I think. The consensus seemed to be that there may be a blockage (constipation) which leads to softer poo bypassing this which leaks out. The child is usually totally unaware that they need to go to the loo and often that they have leaked.

I would suggest going to your GP in order to rule this out as a cause.

My DS (5) has had exactly the same problems as yours but accidents are a very rare occurance. I just tried to stay very very calm (assumed it was not his 'fault'). I kept a huge jar of lollipops in a high up shelf in the loo and when he did poo in the toilet he used to be given one of those with a big fuss made

My DS's accidents seemed to co-incide with any stress points in his little life - starting school, nana going home after staying for a week on holiday, Dh and I going back to work after holidays etc.

Anyway as I say, first port of call IMO should be the docs - good luck hope you get it sorted out!

sallyenglebertstrawberry Thu 14-Apr-05 12:23:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

flashingnose Thu 14-Apr-05 12:23:12

Looked it up - encopresis.

Gwenick Thu 14-Apr-05 13:08:18

Thanks everyone - shall make a dr.s appointment for him.

We've tried everything else, the staying calm, the getting cross, getting upset, rewards, you name it we've probably tried it - guess it's time to see the Dr. and hopefully get it sorted before he starts 'big school' in September.

Sent him off to nursery with pants (screamed hysterically when I suggested a nappy) and a pantyliner in them "just in case" he goes to the toilet and discovers he'd had another accident. Also told his key worker at nursery, and she'll keep an eye on him. DS1 really likes her, and trusts her, so hopefully if he does have another accident while at nursery he'll tell her.

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