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Any tips to keep nappies soft??

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spiker Wed 13-Apr-05 23:04:05

I live in a (very) hard water area and my pre-fold nappies are all crunchy instead of soft. I wash with half-measure of non-bio liquid and rinse with some white vinegar. No tumble-dryer, but dry outside when I can. Any tips? Would fabric conditioner make them less absorbent?

And while I'm on, any tips on how to make pink nappies white again? My ds loves to 'help' with the laundry and snuk a red sock into the last wash . Dylon colour-run remover has not lived up to its name.

bensmum3 Wed 13-Apr-05 23:52:49

I find a dose of rainwater helps soften my ds's nappies, and the best bleach is the sun !

nosyparker Wed 13-Apr-05 23:55:42

second the rainwater - otherwise i just rub 2 nappies together afterwards and that helps. for the colour; just keep on washing them I guess
sorry not too much help

pixiefish Thu 14-Apr-05 07:21:31

Don't use fabric conditioner on them- they will lose their absorbency

spiker Fri 15-Apr-05 22:55:03

Rainwater every time? At what point do you use it?

misdee Fri 15-Apr-05 22:56:30

i left the towels out in the rain last week overnight, they dried lovely and soft.

lynny70 Sat 16-Apr-05 19:27:24

Message deleted

Tissy Sat 16-Apr-05 19:32:45

in the fabric conditioner compartment . Promise it won't make your baby smell like a fish supper! Agree NEVER use fabric conditioner if you want your nappies to absorb.

Tissy Sat 16-Apr-05 19:33:35

Crunchy nappies are just as absorbent, about using a fleece liner next to the skin?

lynny70 Sat 16-Apr-05 19:52:59

Message deleted

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