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How many newborn bambino mio wraps will I need?

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laweaselmys Tue 24-Feb-09 09:52:43

We haven't got a tumble dryer - it takes about two days for the liners and wraps to dry after they've been washed, and will do a daily nappy wash. Will only wash the wraps if they're pooey/dirty, but not if the liner has caught it all.

So how many wraps am I likely to go through in three days?

Also can you really not use fabric softener on them? How do I uncrispify them?

nappyaddict Tue 24-Feb-09 11:38:31

i wouldn't get bambino mio stuff. i've heard they leak.

my wraps never come out crispy but if they just give them a shake.

i only wash wraps if they're dirty on the outside. if it's just the inside then i wipe them out.

to begin with i think i had 4. then the obsession started grin

laweaselmys Tue 24-Feb-09 11:53:57

We've already got them (given by a friend that didn't use them) the only thing we didn't have was newborn sizes of the wraps (have small, medium and large ones). So will be giving them a go anyway!

I hadn't thought about wiping them out!! (muppet)... we've bought six second hand ones so that sounds plenty then. Thanks NA.

Quidditch Tue 24-Feb-09 19:22:38

Use what you've got - 6 should be fine, but you may well need to get some better wraps. Popolino (Motherease) and Nature Babies are the best workhorse wraps IMO. BM's are total rubbish as far as I'm concerned! Just don't despair if they leak - get some better wraps, and you'll find they do much better!

MrsJamin Tue 24-Feb-09 21:06:24

try bold 2 in 1 - the fabric softener included doesn't affect absorbancy like normal fabric conditioner.

soon2befamilyof4 Wed 25-Feb-09 16:27:16

If you are planning to breastfeed then you might find you go through a lot. But 6 sounds fine. I found we went through a wrap at every poo in the early, breastfed, pre weaned poo.

It shouldn't take 2 days for a wrap to dry though? The nappies maybe but most wraps dry within a few hours? I can't remember what the bambino mio wraps were like to dry but I would be very surprised if it takes 2 days.

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