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Disposable liners, which are best?

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Yorkiegirl Tue 12-Apr-05 18:16:57

Message withdrawn

Yorkiegirl Tue 12-Apr-05 21:38:53

Message withdrawn

99redballoons Wed 13-Apr-05 17:12:05

Hi yorkie girl... just tried the freebie ones I got with my first nappy order and continued with the fleece as it keeps them so dry. If your childminder is putting the cotton nappies in a bag/bin for you at the end of the day can't she just pop in the fleece liners too? You don't have to buy them on line. Go to a cheapie fabric store and buy a metre of 100% polyester fleece and cut to the right size. No stitching required. Has to be 100% polyester, no cotton, or it won't perform in the same way. I bought a fleece blanket from ikea for £2.50 and it's made loads! HTH

vkone Wed 13-Apr-05 21:37:55

I've tried the PHP and thought them abit scratchy so next I tried Popli by Popolini, which are lovely. They're huge (designed for Popolini One ans Two Size nappies ao both wide and long), but they wash up beautifully and I reuse unsoiled ones twice.

I know you can get them from and I think you can get them from as well.

chipmonkey Thu 14-Apr-05 17:10:39

Agree with vkone, the popli are lovely and soft. Don't use them much at the moment, ds3 is still small and bf so very liquidy poos!

Rosy Sat 16-Apr-05 09:57:19

You're looking for disposable liners, right? I use ones you can put down the loo, but also put in the wash if they're just wet, and use again. I think the brand is Bambino Mio. The Nappy Lady sells all of them, but I get mine from the local real nappy shop. HTH.

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