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I really really want to potty train dd2

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thesockmonsterofdoom Thu 19-Feb-09 09:55:57

she is 3 in 2 weeks, we have tried lots of times, she is great with wee's bt always has poo accidents, she has digestive problems (we are waiting for a referral to p[ead) so usually has very very loose poos, I cant cope with having to put her in th shower several times a day, ruining all her clothes and she is now old enough that she becomes very aware of it and gets upset.
I put her in pull ups as a compromise, she could still use the potty but not quite so much devastation when she has a poo accident, she has now reverted and is not bothering to do her wees in the potty either.
I must admit I really dont know what I am doing, dh gets so stressed about the whole thing that I am just putting it off.
Any advice, or should I just leave it, cant see that it is ever going to happen if I dont make a decision to just do it.

mistlethrush Thu 19-Feb-09 09:59:30

I got some really good washable training pants from Flame - we used these for night time for a long while - called Diaperwraps - gave a better amount of time before soaking through to clothes although when wet would need immediate changing. I think that this would probably stop the wee incidents as it would not feel nice and would probably need a more immediate response than a pull-up!

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