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nature babies or minki?

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starlover Tue 12-Apr-05 13:26:24

which should I choose?

pootlepod Tue 12-Apr-05 13:28:39

minki minki minki

starlover Tue 12-Apr-05 13:29:49

they are SO cool

Donbean Tue 12-Apr-05 13:31:11

Wots minki?
I had a friend whos first car was called "the minki moo" i thought it was something filthy and smutty but dare not ask in case he laughed at me!

starlover Tue 12-Apr-05 13:35:05

minki nappies

starlover Tue 12-Apr-05 13:36:17

my next question... where is the cheapest place to buy them?

Donbean Tue 12-Apr-05 13:37:43

Heheheheh!!! how FAB are they! love it!
Indirectly dirty but cute cute cute not smutty at all!

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