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Please spur me on to continue with potty training ...

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emmielou Mon 11-Apr-05 19:55:20

DD is 2y 10m, and is proving to be a nightmare....

She holds in wee, (have been pumping her full of juice, but there is only so much you can get down her - lol!) In the last 5 days, we've had 4 successes and 7 accidents... Some days she only does 1 wee in the whole day, so if you miss it, thats it... Put pants on her at the weekend, and she had a lot more accidents.. went back to bare bum today, and after ages sat on the potty, she promptly stood up, and did a wee on the carpet 5 mins later ... aargh

I am really losing my patience (tut-tut), but can't see how starting again another time will help, she will still hold onto the wee, so will have same problem...

Please, please tell it will get bettter and we will crack it....

Nimme Mon 11-Apr-05 20:08:59

DD1 showed lots of signs at 18 months. Turned out to be sit-on-potty-and-read-books-time instead. Gave up completely. Started again around 2-2.5 when she showed serious interest in all our toilet business. Plonked her onto toilet using kiddi seat and that was that.

Think the key is that they have to be totally ready otherwise it's just an up hill struggle.

Whizzz Mon 11-Apr-05 20:10:53

Ditto wait till they are ready. Nursery were pushiong my DS but I knew that he wasn't ready - so waited a while. Yes we had a few mishaps but it was a lot less stressful that trying to force the issue when he just wasn't ready.

SenoraPostrophe Mon 11-Apr-05 20:12:34

dd was like this for about 2 weeks at 2.6 (I think). It will get better!

emmielou Mon 11-Apr-05 20:19:09

DD has been showing signs of interest in our toilet business.. and is v pleased with herself when she has done wees on the potty.. A couple of times, she has taken herself to the potty and done a wee ...Really don't want to go back to nappies, we've got this far

SenoraPostrophe - how long did it take you to crack it ??

mummylonglegs Mon 11-Apr-05 21:44:35

Given your last post, emmielou, i.e. that she CAN do it and that she can hold her wee in, I would persist if I were you. I think I'd also give up the bare bottom. How about buying some knickers and / or trousers she really loves and doesn't want to get wet? That was a turning point with dd who I'm 2 weeks into training. She chose some red trousers she loved, we went to the playground and she had an accident in them and was very upset they were wet and she never really looked back after that. So far!

Oh, and I know it's frustrating when they keep having accidents, we tried to train dd at 2 because she showed lots of signs of being ready, and I did lose my patience, which I regret and which, I think now, led to her repeated failures. At 2.10 your dd may also have a bit more of a combative streak and be vaguely rebelling against the idea. If you're constantly neutral about it when she makes a mistake she won't 'score any points' from your response.

giraffeski Mon 11-Apr-05 21:46:23

Message withdrawn

emmielou Mon 11-Apr-05 22:05:00

Although I think you are right mummylonglegs, after a long hard think tonight, I've decided to go back to nappies... I know she can do it, but it has been getting too stressful here...

Thing is I've got 17m old twins too.. You are right, me losing me temper isn't helping at all, and has probably set her back... DH is on hols in August, so think I'll leave it til then, and he can share the load and give me some support ...

mummylonglegs Mon 11-Apr-05 22:05:22

That naughty little giraffe ...

How old is she giraffeski?

mummylonglegs Mon 11-Apr-05 22:07:04

I think it's as important that you're in the right frame of mind for it as that she is emmielou so you're probably making the right decision. Why not keep it all going casually though, i.e. when you're at home and it doesn't matter, get her to hang out in knickers?

There's no rush is there really?

emmielou Mon 11-Apr-05 22:14:20

What you think mummylonglegs? pull-ups when we are out and pants when we are in, if she does a wee, "hooray" if she doesn't "never mind"...

jamiesam Mon 11-Apr-05 22:16:51

Emmielou - we started training ds1 at home after nursery had been taking him to the potty EVERY half hour for weeks and weeks and he was virtually dry there. At home, with ds2 to look after, there was no way I could get him to the potty that often. After weeks and weeks of hit and miss (ha) days, some dry, others with three or four changes of pants and trousers, I'd had enough and we had a break for a couple of weeks. When we did start training again, it did go a lot better, within around 6 weeks he was very regularly dry. I think we both needed a break - I certainly found lots of accidents hard to cope with when I felt he 'could' be dry. I'm afraid that during our break from training, I used to make LOTS of pointed comments about how babies wore nappies, little boys wore pull-up pants and big boys wore big-boy pants. When we started training again, I think I had more patience with his accidents and perhaps he was just more ready?

giraffeski Mon 11-Apr-05 22:21:04

Message withdrawn

jjash Mon 11-Apr-05 22:41:19

sorry to butt in but emmielou - ido the pants when indoors and pullups when out routine with my dd of 2.6 .She will use potty fine in house but wont ask for toilet when out .
I put pull ups on her and say they are knickers [ and she looks at me and obviously knows thats a big fat lie ] Then i try to take her the toilet regularly when out .
Personally find this potty training worse than actually giving birth in first place !!And its my second child !!
Would be interested to know what everyones deadlines are so to speak .mine is next Jan when dd starts school nursery

Corky Tue 12-Apr-05 15:09:00

Hi all, I too am potty training my dd of 2yr 6months and am on day 8. She loves wearing the pants and can now hold her wee a good hour or longer (2hours is max so far) but I found that prompting her so often just made it worse so am really trying to not ask her and just ask when it gets near the hour or longer.
She is now just starting to sometimes say she needs a wee and take herself off to the potty and today she's been dry all day so far (apart from one poo in her pants - but that's another problem!). However, we went to playgroup yesterday and I kept casually asking her if she wanted to the toilet especially as it had gotten to 1 and a half hours without weeing, and she kept saying no and I didn't push her, then when my backs turned I look over at her and she's standing all coy in a puddle of wee! I guess this is going to happen as they get excited and distracted - but what can you do when they say no all the time? I also tried to get her to sit on her 'pottette' in the garden today and she said she didn't like it and then sat on her normal potty and wee'd on that - so again I'm wondering what to do when out and about and she wants to go. The trouble is she hasn't yet done a wee outside of our house/garden.

Do you think I'm making progress? It seems I prompt her to wee more than she takes herself and also the Gina Ford book says you can do it in a week and we're now into the second week. Also this morning she woke up with her first ever dry nappy - could this be a fluke?

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