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motherease advice please...

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Tipex Sun 10-Apr-05 11:01:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

starlover Sun 10-Apr-05 11:36:00

hi tipex... they do need changing more often than disposables. I used to do disposables at every feed, but tend to change ds';s terries a bit more often.

You might have better results with your fleece liner as they apparently wick the wetness away, but leave the surface much drier... we are trying some out today so will let you know how I get on!

starlover Sun 10-Apr-05 11:36:33

oh, and also... make sure you wash them 2/3 times before using as this will make them more absorbant! and don't use fabric softener

fuzzywuzzy Sun 10-Apr-05 12:34:21

Even though baby is really little, I put a booster pad in at night time to prevent leaks, amazing how much a tiny little baby wees!!!

Yorkiegirl Sun 10-Apr-05 13:28:50

Message withdrawn

Tipex Sun 10-Apr-05 15:52:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LeahE Sun 10-Apr-05 16:57:26

You need to wash 2-3 times before use -- plus don't use fabric conditioner. You should only need to use the "big terry sanitary towel thingies" (LOL) overnight or for longest patch of unbroken sleep, otherwise either the fleece or the paper according to preference, but fleece is supposed to wick better. My DH has got the invention bug and is experimenting with various types of microfibre liner so I'll keep you posted.

The unbleached sort are more absorbant than the bleached, apparently.

Even if DS seems wetter, he has far fewer problems in reusables. Every time we use disposables for a period he gets a sore bottom and has blowouts -- while either is rare with reusables.

Yorkiegirl Sun 10-Apr-05 17:50:41

Message withdrawn

bensmum3 Mon 11-Apr-05 18:45:23

My ds is 22 months and we've used meos and tots since birth, I only use a tots booster pad at night and now use a meos snap in liner during the day, have rolls of paper liners and lots of fleece liners but rarely use them.
When you say he is wet, is it coming through onto his clothes ?

unorganised Mon 11-Apr-05 21:21:42

hiya tipex

you defo need to wash your nappies again at least twice before using them again (remembering not to put any softner in the draw too)

go for the fleece liners (buy a meter off the market and cut to size)and maybee put a booster in at night but in reality he shouldnt need the boosters in yet but if you've not washed more than once then they will still have a coating on them.

paper liners are ok but fleece work better and you can still get the poo off but you should always put a liner in every time.


Tipex Tue 12-Apr-05 12:12:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

starlover Tue 12-Apr-05 12:38:24

yeah, it should go above. otherwise the nappy will get wet and then it will go onto his clothes!

I use the litewrap, which doesn't have elastic at the front, just the back and i do leave the nappy sticking out so that it doesn't dig into his skin.
As boys pee up the front the back never gets wet really so not a problem!

LeahE Tue 12-Apr-05 17:31:37

If it's digging into his skin then you've got it too tight. The wrap just acts as a shield over the nappy area; it doesn't need to form a tight seal at all.

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