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oh my god we have lift off

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candyheartsandchocolates Sun 08-Feb-09 19:27:23

cant quite believe what just happened
ds 2.6 has used the potty this evening for the first time ever and has produced 7 wee's and 2 poo's
im in shock i was convinced that he wouldnt be ready for ages yet
so how should we proceed
shall i go and get some pants tomorrow
do i take his nappy off first thing in the morning and let him use it then?

chuckeyegg Mon 09-Feb-09 10:39:15

Just wanted to say congratulations, my DS is 2.4 and I think it will be some time.

Hope someone can help with your queries.

H xx

TrinityRhino Mon 09-Feb-09 10:48:47

congratulations smile

was it his choice?

If so I would say, ask him if he wants to wear pants today and use the potty

I really believe that if you relax about it, never reprimand accidents and give them choice it will be so much easier

swampster Mon 09-Feb-09 10:52:10

Well done to your DS.

I have found training pants and 'big boy pants' grin confuse the issue - as soon as there is something on that area it seems to be a license to pee and poo.

Bare-bummed where possible is very good, otherwise a pair of easy-up trackie bums worked for DS1 and is now working for DS2 (2.7).

We do take his (generally dry) nappy off first thing in the morning, he fights it like crazy, then goes to use the potty.

candyheartsandchocolates Mon 09-Feb-09 12:44:29

yes was all his own doing
he just took his nappy off and did his business-no promting from us at all
i though it was a fluke but decided to stick with it today and when he woke up he did 2 wee's then i put a nappy on him coz i had to go out ,he fell asleep in buggy on the way home and has just woken up,took his nappy off and he has done 1 wee so far.
i got him some pants but i think they are confusing him
he has had one wee in pants and has tried on everypair so far

candyheartsandchocolates Tue 10-Feb-09 14:39:04

day 2 and a half of potty training going well
have put the pants away for a while
he asked to go on big toilet today but didnt ddo anything
1 wee on kitchen floor
lots of poo and wee on potty
were going to mother and todler group tomorrow and im not sure what the right way to go
no nappy ?
should i take the potty with me ?

lilQuidditchKel Tue 10-Feb-09 14:43:06

If you can stand it, take the potty with you. Keep clothes the same as you do at home. Doing different things in different locations only confuses them IMHO!

candyfluff Sun 15-Feb-09 18:40:03

we are still going well
lots of wee's and poo's
had 2 wee's on our bed
and today coz his potty was downstaris and he was upstairs he did some poo on his bedroom floor.
think i need to get two potties
so whats the next step
pants ?
going out without a nappy
need some tips please

kingfix Sun 15-Feb-09 18:49:29

DD did the same last week, and I asked the same q about going out without nappies. In the end, we have just gone out in pants and have now had two full days out of the house with only 2 accidents. Although I don't have much experience, it does seem that when they are ready, it goes quite smoothly (touch wood). A few people recommended getting a portable potty called a potette, but I haven't tried that. Constantly asking if she needs a wee and taking her with me whenever I go seems to help. And going bare bum in the house seems to remind her to use the potty.
Accidents have both happened when she has been busy playing with another child so she's been distracted and I have been busy yakking with another mum and forgotten to remind her.
she's been a bit upset by the accidents but I have tried to be super nonchalent and breezy about it and always have lots of wipes for mopping up and spare pants, trousers and socks. Good luck, hope it all goes quickly!

rookiemater Sun 15-Feb-09 19:58:18

Don't do what we did and introduce pull ups whatever you do. It totally confused DS and I think hindered his toilet training by about 4 months.

Last Saturday DS announced he didn't want to wear his nappy any more. Spent the first few days without going out much, but this weekend we went out. We had a couple of accidents and had to keep prompting to remind him to go to the toilet, but generally pretty good.

Think you just need to go out for a short outing and see how he gets on. Oh and buy loads of tracksuit bottoms.

candyfluff Mon 16-Feb-09 08:06:59

thanks ladies its been a week so far so in a few days im gonna try an outing and see how we go

timmette Mon 16-Feb-09 09:57:53

Good luck.
When my son did his first wee on the potty we switched to pants and gave up on diapers except at night - and we had a week with some accidents and if you switch to pants buy cheap ones in case you decide to throw them out.
And that was that he got it after one week we have very occasional accidents less than 1 a month.
However when my sil babysat him for a weekend he had one accident and she put him back in diapers angry - the result was a very confused little toddler and took some very frustrating retraining. So when you go for pants stick with them - he never wears diapers even in the car we keep a potty in the boot and he has sat on in anywhere and everywhere.
And don't go near pull ups - they are very confusing and at his creche they won't let children wear them it's either diapers or pants.

candyfluff Mon 16-Feb-09 15:43:14

thanks i have got some pants but have not been brave enough to go out in them yet
will try tomorrow armed with potty in a bag with lots of spares
strange thing is he has a sore bum(nappy rash) for the first time ever since potty training -whats that all about?

ilovetochat Mon 16-Feb-09 15:53:33

hi hope you don't mind but i have a question too. dd is 19 months and since saturday has started to use the potty which has been about since xmas. (have started a thread about it grin
She is in nappies but at each change and after naps etc i put her on the potty and ask her if she needs to wee or poo.
Sat she did 1 poo, Sun she did a poo and a wee and today so far a poo and a wee.
she isn't asking for the potty but seems happy to use it when offered and has had some dry nappies today.
i was going to carry on like this till she starts asking for the potty, but should i try pants at this age?
do i take the potty out with us as i have tried her on the toilet and she screamed and most places don't have a kiddyseat?

ches Tue 17-Feb-09 03:37:30

ilovetochat -- I didn't go to undies until he was poo reliable, and then I stuffed the undies with something to soak up wee accidents. He was in undies ~15 months, no soaker ~18 months. With girls, apparently a sanitary towel can absorb a small wee without necessitating a change of clothes. I typically did undies at home, pull-up to go out, especially in the winter because wet trousers get cold and who wants a huge bag full of wet clothes? I suppose the short answer is go to undies when it's more convenient than taking nappies off regularly.

ilovetochat Wed 18-Feb-09 16:03:56

still going with it, she hasn't pood in nappy since friday which is good and had a few wees on potty too, some wet nappies till though.
took potty out today but she didn't use it.
still not asking for potty.

candyfluff Thu 19-Feb-09 08:56:50

i chickened out and used nappies yesterday for an outing
im such a wimp

rachels103 Thu 19-Feb-09 09:17:03

After a few days of leaving ds's nappy off at home we went and bought some proper pants - let him choose his own - and asked him every morning if he wanted to wear them. He didn't for a while then all of a sudden did. Had a fair few accidents at first but although you might think it's going to take forever, in the big scheme of things it's only a few weeks.

We did use pull ups, for long journeys and outings at first, (because I'm a wimp too!) and they didn't confuse ds too much - we just told him that they were special big boy pull ups and they'd catch accidents, but he must try not to wee in them. They're all different though aren't they?

candyfluff Thu 19-Feb-09 18:43:50

update - bit the bullet today and did a trip to the park ,no wet pants on the way took him to use the loo and he did a wee then no wet pants on way home
he did wet his pants very soon after waking up in his buggy ,so am pleased as punch it went better than i had hoped

ilovetochat Thu 19-Feb-09 20:30:09

dd has ony has 1 poo in nappy since friday, rest have been on potty. she is doing 2 or 3 wees on potty a day now but rest are in nappy during naps etc.
still don't think i could introduce pants as she can't undress and she isnt really asking for potty although she has sat herself on it and i've quickly undressed her.
maybe i need to ditch the vests and tights etc and let her have joggers on?

Downdog Thu 18-Mar-10 11:54:30

DD moved to a potty 2 weeks ago now while we were on holiday in NZ - with great success.

Our first trip out in just pants I felt a little fraught, but she went wee before we left, then off to supermarket with great success & she wee'd again when we got home.

Luckily DD isn't shy and is happy to sit on potty where ever - so I took it with us on other trips out. I've sat her on side of the road with success, but mainly used the potty in large public toilets or disabled loos whereever possible.

At home she will usually ask for potty if necessary, but when we are out she is a little distracted so I need to ask or get her to sit regulary.

We used small chocolates intitally as a reward & I could tell she had bladder control as she could wee on demand for a Herseys Kiss! Now she just gets a choc for a poo followed by hand washing without complaint.

It's a whole new world

mrsbessie Mon 18-Oct-10 21:04:20

Anyone else having problems with poos? My DS has been nappy free for over a week and requires constant instructions to wee on potty, which he is doing and we haven't had a single wee accident.
Poos however are coming as and when and he is not telling me, but instead going in his big boy pants. We have only caught 1 in the potty and it's getting me down.
I'm sure he knows when they are coming, as he has shuffled off to do them his nappy in a quiet place for a while now. He also gets very upset when he has a poo accident (i might have been a bit cross on a couple of occasions, and i know i shouldn't have).
Any ideas? Please help, not liking the mess!

Andyyoni Fri 31-Dec-10 21:57:44

Any tips for getting a 3.5 yr old to wear his big boy pants? My son picked them out himself with his favourite characters but since we started potty training a week ago he refuses to wear pants but is happy to wear his trousers without a nappy. He is making good progress using the potty when he is bare-bummed but has accidents when he is wearing trousers.

hayleyscomet Sun 14-Aug-11 19:31:48

hi, we are doing well with potty training. DS is 2.5... the only thing is the poo issue. He was in pain with it, not really constipated but obviously hurt him, finally came out and I praised him lots. It wasnt very hard, and lot more came out after. He has a good diet. I dont want him to be scared on doing a poo. So what do you do when this situation happens?

thanks. hayley

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