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Need a mumsnet hug, potty trained ds regressed, poo and weeing in pants again.

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swallowsandamazons Fri 06-Feb-09 20:22:08

Last couple of weeks ds has started to have accidents all the time, and has gone from being very good at using the toilet to running out of clean trousers!

I have no idea why this is happening dh and i have tried to think of any triggers but have drawn a blank.

The only small thing i can think of is that his little sister, who is very very clingy, makes it hard to spead one on one time with him, i know i miss that time so he must too.

What i really need to know is what to do about it, at the moment the call of "mummy theres poo in my pants " just makes me cry (feeling a little delicate at the moment)sad

Please help, even if its to say its happening to you to so i dont feel like the only one.

onefunkymama Fri 06-Feb-09 20:58:22

Your not alone, my kids both regressed and then progressed again. Don't worry about it. Try sticker charts or another reward maybe? Remember this will pass

mama4 Fri 06-Feb-09 21:29:27

dont worry too much honestl, i know its like doing 2 steps forward n 10 back but keep up with it itl soon pass over.
My girl was easy to potty train but my lad was a nightmare always doing it in his pull ups n then i decided to remove them and he had plent of accidents in his trousers, hes six now n i can still expect wet pants from time to time as he waits till the very last second to rush to the toilet.
You have to grin n bare grin

coralie66 Sun 08-Feb-09 19:51:17

No helpful advice but we are going through the same thing. Today my son weed all over the floor of a crowded tube train...

twofalls Sun 08-Feb-09 20:06:29

Another message of support here. I found that when dd regressed, it was often because she was developing in another area - when she started singing properly she regressed, when she started becoming more dextrous, she regressed. It could also be attention seeking - I broke my leg over christmas and when I got home from hospital, i had loads of visitors and dd just weed and pood everywhere despite having had no accidents for about a month.

As others have said - go back to basics, rewards, praise etc. And lots of deep breaths. I do know how you feel but he will get there.

sparkle12mar08 Sun 08-Feb-09 20:41:03

This is me, this is me!!! Quickly and successfully trained DS1 at 2.11, dry within days, though very ropey on poo's. A month later and it's as if it never happened. Shows *absolutely no* awareness of needing the loo or of having wet himself through - isn't even telling us he's been, which he did used to do. It's really starting to get to me so we've made the decision to go back to pull ups for a week and then start again. I simply can't be changing pants and trousers 6-8 times a day, and nor can the childminder.

Like you I can't really think of a trigger, but we're going to go back to basics with sticker rewards, praising the successes and glossing over the misses.

Will keep you posted - perhaps we can support each other?

swallowsandamazons Mon 09-Feb-09 21:15:09

Thanks for help, i am of to the shops tomorrow to get some flashy colourful stickers, and hope that we can go from there.
Thanks sparkle, look forward to hearing if your ds has any luck too! Lets keep strong!!!

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