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starting to feel desparate

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Anabellesmumanddad Thu 05-Feb-09 19:51:34

Our two and half year old is completely dry at day care, but as soon as she comes home she wees all over the place. She's even started weeing in the car. I try to completely under-react but it's like she just doesn't care.
To make matters worse if she is awake in her bedroom in the morning she will get up and climb into her sisters cot, take off her nappy and we'll end up with poo everywhere.
We praise her with stickers when she does wee/poos in the toilet, but it's sooooo frustrating that we'll put her on the toilet and then she go and wee on the couch! Especially since she has just done two days in a row at day care without accidents.

Mimia Fri 06-Feb-09 15:54:45

My DD does this too, she is 2.7 and clean and dry at nursery and even asks to use the toilet there, but at home no such success and she has lots of accidents. It is frustrating because I know she can do it and I don't know what the difference is other than she is amongst peers at nursery, which of courde I can't replicate here. The only thing we have just started trying which has had a small effect is to stop with all the stickers and praise and the asking and encouraging to the toilet. It sounds mad, but we have just stopped making such a big deal of the whole thing. Of course I say well done when she goes to the toilet but she doesn't get a fanfare anymore. She asked me twice today to use the toilet at home which is a big improvement for us.

Anabellesmumanddad Fri 06-Feb-09 18:40:16

Hi thanks for writing. That's interesting. I read somewhere about the over-praise issue. Basically just like you are saying. I suppose because in reality that is how life will react. Some of the best advice I did receive was just take her everytime one of us goes to the toilet anyway. We've always been very open about bathroom 'space' but this seems to be helping, if only slightly. Otherwise we'll just have to spend our evenings and weekends out of the house! wink

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