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My 3 yr old wont tell me when he is doing a poo - he lies and says he's doing a wee!

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2pt4kids Thu 05-Feb-09 18:03:44

My 3 yr is potty trained and has been about 6 months now. He's pretty reliable and we rarely have accidents now.
At home he just potters off upstairs to the toilet, shouting 'I need a wee' at me on the way out the room, which is great.
However, he wont tell me when he is going for a poo! He likes to do everything himself and it makes him cross that I like to check he has wiped his bottom properly and do a last wipe myself to make sure.
Usually he legs it upstairs to do a poo as soon as he see's I am busy feeding the baby or doing something else. I say 'Are you doing a poo?' and he will say 'No, only a wee wee' and then he sneaks off and does a poo shock

How can I persuade the little toe rag to tell me???

Minxie1977 Thu 05-Feb-09 18:16:17

He sounds like a very independant little lad smile Does he respond at all to an explanation of why you need to check his bot? If he likes helping you, how about a 'it would really help mummy if you told me when you did a poo'

seeker Thu 05-Feb-09 18:26:10

I would just let him get on with it - and clean him up at bath time if necessary. I have the opposite problem - a nearly 8 year old who would like me still to wipe his bottom if he could get away with it!

Dropdeadfred Thu 05-Feb-09 18:27:28

Could you just leave a pack of wipes for him to use so it's easier for him to make sure he's clean?

2pt4kids Thu 05-Feb-09 19:27:15

Yeah we do have toddler wipes (which are like flushable wet wipes) and he mostly does a good job.
He just uses far too many wipes and sometimes misses a bit!
He does have a bath most nights, so you are probably right that I should just leave him to it and clean him up then (and buy shares in kandoo grin )

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