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Bumgenius one size nappies - help!

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BlameItOnTheBogey Wed 04-Feb-09 10:21:32

OK I know I've got the name of these wrong, I mean the ones that are supposed to last from newborn to toilet trained. I bought a whole load of these when DS was born and we have been getting on great with them. He's now 8 months old and he appears to have outgrown them. He's quite tall (95 centile) and also 75 for weight. But given that these are meant to last until they are toilet trained (which must mean they fit two years olds in theory) this seems crazy. Am I doing something wrong? Is anyone successfully using these with older children? Or is this a well known problem? Really don't want to spend a fortune buying more. The reason we went with these was as an investment....

JimmyMcNulty Wed 04-Feb-09 17:02:13

Um... we have the one-size bgs: ds is 2.6 and also 95th centile for height (50th for weight) and they still fit him fine! Have you unpoppered one of the lines of poppers along the front (there are 3 lines) which are the size-altering bits?

lindenlass Wed 04-Feb-09 17:03:49

they fit my 2yo fine. i'm assuming you've unpoppered the front to make them longer? Why not get in touch with the manufacturers to ask them about it?

BlameItOnTheBogey Wed 04-Feb-09 19:54:33

Thanks for the replies. Yes I have unpoppered them but they still seem, well, snug. But I guess this gives me my answer (that it isn't a design flaw, more a user flaw and I need to figure out what I am doing wrong...)

mistermoo Wed 04-Feb-09 22:22:54

is your 8 mo. old crawling yet? My DS2 is also 8 mo (non-crawler) and also a bit tight round the tum on the BG os.... I understand that babies' tums are at their maximal chunkiness just before they crawl/walk, so should even out soon when they get mobile...

Fluffyducklingsmummy Wed 04-Feb-09 23:58:17

We've used the BG one size nappies on DS since he was 3 weeks old. There was a period when he was about 9 mo when they got really snug on him particularly around the legs. But as mistermoo has pointed out, as soon as he got properly mobile he seemed to slim down and they fit absolutely fine again.
He's now nearly 17 mo and they still fit great with plenty of room.
So I don't think you're doing anything wrong with the nappies. Maybe need to just wait out this chunky phase! smile

accessorizequeen Thu 05-Feb-09 12:46:11

My ds outgrew his bg's at 14 months I think, and he's a lot lower on the centiles than your ds. They're not a very generous fit. He's over 2 now and the wonderoos I bought at the same time are fine (although he's not wearing them right now). He may grow back into them, but in the meantime you're a bit stuck aren't you? You're not doing anything wrong, and if you wanted to sell them on you'd probably do well off them. Plenty of 2ndhand pockets on mumsnet if you wanted to try others.

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