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Novice Mum - potty training - what do I do?

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geordieminx Wed 04-Feb-09 09:57:21

Ok so ds is only 22 months, but for the past month or so whenever he has seen a toilet or potty he has said weewee, so last week we bought one, just to have around the house?

If I take his nappy off after a while he will go and stand over the potty and have a wee (standing up), which we were really pleased with him for, gave him lots of praise etc.

So, the question is what do I do from here? I know that he is probably way too young to be potty trained, but I just want to encorage him, move in the right direction IYKWIM? The only other thing worth mentioning is that he wont go anywhere near the toilet - if he try and sit him on he get scared.

Any advce would be great. Ta

naturalblonde Wed 04-Feb-09 15:21:28

I would just continue with what you've been doing, just leaving the potty around for him to use if he wants. You could try asking him if he needs a wee during the day and encourage potty use. Maybe get him some pants to wear occasionally, just around the house to begin with. If he wets himself, don't make a fuss, just say never mind and get him changed.

I wwouldn't push the use of the toilet if I were you. He'll come round eventually, maybe let him see you go to the toilet so heknows there's nothing to be scared of.

He's still very young so I wouldn't worry about it yet. Personally I think gentle potty training is easier on both of you rather than forcing the issue, let him do it at his own pace.

geordieminx Wed 04-Feb-09 15:37:46

Thank you

I guess thats why I was asking - I'd rather leave it than do something wrong and force the issue/mess things up for the future?

Just needed to know that I was doing the right thing by letting him have a go.

If it was warmer I'd stick a pair of pants on him - at the moment he'd freeze! grin

MadamDeathstare Wed 04-Feb-09 15:46:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

girlywhirly Wed 04-Feb-09 15:50:46

That sounds really good, Geordie, he obviously knows what a potty is for! I would avoid the toilet for now and stick with the potty. As he is so young, you could just provide opportunities to use the potty, and put nappies on in between. After meals, or naps, before bath, when you are changing nappy, or when he is likely to poo. No more than a few minutes, and put on the nappy as usual afterwards.

Give lots of praise for a used pot, but if empty just say never mind, maybe next time in a casual way. Always respond if he asks to use the potty, even if he has a nappy on. I think if you follow this gentle potty practice, he may well decide one day that he wants pants and will use the potty instead of nappies. Even if you continue for a few months in nappies, with him using the potty some of the time, he is less likely to be stressed and resistant to more intensive training, in fact you are more likely to see an increase in potty usage. The main thing is to be very calm about mishaps and not get upset. He enjoys your praising him when he does the right thing, and will try to get more praise. It's not the end of the world if he wears nappies for back up at his age.

When you do go cold turkey with pants, he will have a pretty good idea of what is expected, because he will be used to pottying at certain times and will probably tell you when he needs to go at other times.

Good luck!

Quidditch Wed 04-Feb-09 19:05:45

Have you seen these though!

Fan tastic idea!

geordieminx Wed 04-Feb-09 19:47:53

I put pants on him this afternoon but took them off after about 10 minutes, I suddenly realised that it was complicating things - as he only stands up to have a wee he would have to take them off completely which is a bit beyond him just yet.

Had 3 this afternoon - although the second one I had realised, and he tipped it on the floor...little boys eh? grin

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