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Potty training - about to start day 5......

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Corky Thu 07-Apr-05 21:26:46

My dd is 29 months and have started her on potty training. Day 1 started her fully dressed and took her to the potty every 15 mins thereabout - quite successful say 15 wees and 5 accidents (this includes one poo in the pants). 2nd day 12 wees and 2 accidents and managed to space it out to every 30mins. However, she's proving harder to persuade to sit on the potty and says no every time I prompt her to sit on the potty. Day 3 much the same (now climbing the walls from not going out for 3 days!). Today tried leaving her in pants only and first thing announced she wanted a wee then sat on the potty and weed - amazing! However soon followed by an accident. Kept asking her every 30 mins and got successes and a few more accidents - but again keeps saying no and proving hard work to get her on the potty (bribing her with chocolate now and thi works). Then tonight removed the pants and she said she needed a wee and did one on the potty, but then 10mins later with the pants off she started holding her bum saying she wanted her pants back on as she was doing a poo - I tried to tell her to sit on the potty and she got hysterical so I put the pants on and she did it in there.
So my dilema is do I continue with pants off if so what do I do about this poo problem? Maybe she just isn't ready as she keeps saying no when I ask her if she wants a wee etc.

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