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Which Tots Bots nappy is best?

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Quidditch Tue 03-Feb-09 16:46:04

Flexitot, bamboozle or Easyfit? I know it depends on whether you want quick drying or slimness, but what does anyone think?
Are there any other British made nappies which are better than these?

NorktasticNinja Tue 03-Feb-09 16:51:59

I've not tried the Flexitot or Easyfit, just the bamboozle and the (extinct) Fluffle. The size one Bamboozles were fab, a really good neat fit, the size two are much less impressive. I'm seriously considering swapping them for something else, they work fine they're just really bulky and a bit irritating.

EasyPeasy nappies are British made and they're great. I particularly like the Bambeasy (see the bamboo theme?)...

Flamesparrow Tue 03-Feb-09 16:58:29

The basic rainbow tot that they discontinued <sulk>

Go with easy peasy. bambeasy, bimble, bumble - all great nappies

NorktasticNinja Tue 03-Feb-09 16:59:37

Ooops, totally forgot to say, whilst Tots is a Scottish company their nappies are actually manufactured in Turkey. Have been for some time.

LackaDAISYcal Tue 03-Feb-09 17:06:36

I've got some unbleached cotton ones in soze 1 and love them.

I've also got some flexitots and rainbowbots in the next size up. I've used both on my DD and they are good too. The flexitot was good overnight.

but as ninja said, not British made anymore, so if that's a factor, then easy peasy nappies are good too.

Quidditch Tue 03-Feb-09 17:16:20

Actually they have now shifted their manufacture back to all UK. I contacted them this afternoon, and they confirmed it. Otherwise I wouldn't countenance any of their nappies! - not environmentally friendly to import, when UK made nappies are equally as good, if not better!

Buy British!

NorktasticNinja Tue 03-Feb-09 17:17:35

Ah, inside info wink

LackaDAISYcal Tue 03-Feb-09 17:18:14

ooh, that's good about manufacture being back to UK based. Obviously the materials are imported, but at least British made is something.

boogeek Tue 03-Feb-09 17:22:54

I really like the flexitots. They're a bugger to dry though (but not worse than the bamboozles)

nappyzonehasastroppytoddler Tue 03-Feb-09 19:07:36

im with flame on the easy peasy range - i like the flexitot but it does take ages to dry - dont know what the easy fit is... is that the onesize fluffle lined aio by chance?

4andnotout Tue 03-Feb-09 19:09:02

I love flexitots grin

trufflebum Tue 03-Feb-09 20:30:45 Al tots textiles are manufactured in turkey, it's just the waterproofy bits that are made here. says it on the page linked and that was updated this year.
The best tots nappy was the original cotton one. Soft fluffy and a real newbie grabber.

Quidditch Tue 03-Feb-09 21:44:37

This is a cut and paste of the answer I had from Tots Bots today, to the question I asked "Where are your nappies manufactured?"

Reply was

"Before we manufactured in both Turkey and the UK. Now we are only manufacturing in the UK. "

This came from the Sales administrator

nappyzonehasastroppytoddler Tue 03-Feb-09 21:49:59

I got a newsletter on Monday saying all manufacturing was moving back in house and no longer in Turkey.

Flamesparrow Tue 03-Feb-09 22:18:45

<sulks> Tots hate me. Still no soddin newsletters

trufflebum Wed 04-Feb-09 17:27:46

I stand corrected. I assumed since the site had so recently been updated that the information would be correct. Sorry.

mumoftoby Thu 05-Feb-09 10:02:44

I have old style fluffles and love them - but they are a nuisance to get clothes over compared to wonderoos!

dsrplus8 Thu 05-Feb-09 12:36:19

grinlove fluffles ,have only fivesad cant get anymore!i use them at night. for day its the cotton. (have very pishie toddler!)

mumoftoby Thu 05-Feb-09 14:56:08

dsrplus8 - I got mine only a few weeks ago in tk maxx. If you happen to be in the North West there was a pack of 5 size 2 nippa fit(and a wrap) for £25 still in the St Helens store 2 weeks ago. Apparently they have been in there for weeks with no interest at all except me! Hopefully it could still be there for you.

NappyObsessed Thu 05-Feb-09 15:36:09

I like bamboozles best (have only used size 1). They are lovely and soft and not too bulky.

dsrplus8 if you are looking for fluffles in size 1 I have got some I've only used once or twice I'm looking to sell - I could do you a good dealwink

dsrplus8 Thu 05-Feb-09 18:45:05

i got my fluffles and cottons in tkmaxx too!. thanks for the offer Nappyobsesed, but dd is in size 2 and im finnished with having bambinos now! wink.

NappyObsessed Thu 05-Feb-09 20:23:07

shame, I never got one with Fluffles myself. It would be nice for them to go to a good home

You are so lucky finding tots in TK Maxx! I keep looking but our branch never has them

bitofadramaqueen Mon 09-Feb-09 21:30:47

I used size 1 bamboozles and then switched to flexitots when DS went up to size 2's. Both have done a very good job. I know people talk about them taking ages to dry, but I've never really thought of it as too much of a problem (maybe because I'm used to it). ATM they probably take about 24 hours to dry indoors.

All this bamboozle and buying of nappies talk has reminded me that I need to sort out selling my excellent condition size 1 bamboozles. 2nd hand - even better for the environment... wink

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