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Anyone with knowledge of Disana Pull-On Wool Pants ......

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lollipopmother Sat 31-Jan-09 21:49:01

I'm thinking of getting a wool wrap and I like the look of this one here, has anyone tried it before? I like the idea of the legs because DD is a skinny mini but the wrap is to go over her WNNN which isn't exactly small! Any experiences would be greatly appreciated.

rachelinscotland Sat 31-Jan-09 22:22:54

I have two of these Disana wool pants, but can't say I yet have experience of them! LOL One is a large one I got off someone ffp as it was very shrunk - my little boy can fit into it, but it's a bit too tight, so can't really say how effective it is - as had some wicking, but think it's just the tightness (or not yet fully lanolised). I certainly love the feel/fit of it! Looks very comfy on, and cute too (much better than they look in the pics unworn! ) The other one I have is a small one I bought for bump (not due till April) - so again, not tested yet! ..... But I ordered an XL one from Twinkle Twinkle the other day, cause I want to give wool a good try and have something that will hopefully work for my little boy over night! Unfortunately I picked the wrong day to order, and they were sold out of that size. So I have to wait 7-10 days before they get stock of them...and then send out to me! Bit disappointed, but hopefully I'll get to try one soon - one that actually fits! Sorry for a bit of a pointless post - but your question caught my eye, so posted anyway!

lollipopmother Sun 01-Feb-09 22:54:36

I've taken the plunge and bought one, I hope it works, I'm liking the idea of those legs!

maygirl Tue 03-Feb-09 22:26:02

Loved mine, double layer of wool and high in the rise to fit over huge nighttime nappies. Never had leaks or wicking with it either. Looks really cute too!

lollipopmother Wed 04-Feb-09 07:49:47

Ohh this reminds me that it should be here today! grin!

rachelinscotland Wed 04-Feb-09 10:10:19

lollipopmother: should have ordered mine from where you did - as I've no idea when mine will arrive! But fortunately, I found some pre-loved (granny knitted!) wool shorties on another board for only a fiver posted - and they are fab! They're pre-loved just enough to be perfect and totally bombproof - and arrived yesterday, already lanolised too (as I think the Disana ones will need a few lanolising first to get them fully up to night time usage). Anyway, they're quite a similar shape to the Disana ones (with cuffs), but these were Kool-Aid dyed a nice red & green (sort of watermelon look). So needless to say, I'm very pleased with them! Benjamin wore them last night for a full 12 hours (over heavily stuffed Bumble) and no leaks or wetness at all! I think I'm totally sold on wool now!

lollipopmother Wed 04-Feb-09 22:32:01

It didn't come sad, I ordered a couple of things from the same website and one thing has come and the other hasn't so obviously dispatched separately, mega-booo.

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