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potty training

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fevermama Tue 05-Apr-05 23:55:21

hi i'm mom of 5yrs he know he have to take a pee in the toilet but when it come to take a poo he wants a daiper i need help please

fevermama Tue 05-Apr-05 23:56:58

hi i can use anyone help please im

mummylonglegs Wed 06-Apr-05 12:17:23

Don't have this problem myself, just bumping you up a bit as I'm sure someone else will be able to help you

calpopscalum Thu 07-Apr-05 18:54:25

my ds is 3 so this may not work with your ds as he's older. I told my ds of the wonderful 'plop' noise you get when you poo in the toilet and he didn't believe me so I got him to try it when he went for a wee (also told him he could ahve some choccie if he heard a plop - bad mothering skills I know, but it worked!!). Anyway he did one and loved the plop so he's keen to do it again. Sounds a bit daft but it did work.
Hope you find something

Pinotmum Fri 08-Apr-05 20:51:34

I've heard of someone who used to sit their child with nappy on the toilet and he would poo so eventually she cut a whole in the nappy and when her ds saw the world never ended when his poo went in the pan the problem was solved. This may have been someone on here can't really remember. I told my ds his poo's were going to see Nemo and he was happy with that

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