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Ds started wetting the bed again when I had a new baby!

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vess Tue 05-Apr-05 20:30:36

Need help!
Ds, who's nearly 5, started wetting his bed again. I just had a baby 3 weeks ago, and I know (I've red) that it's pretty common. However, he won't wear a nappy! He does manage to be dry for a night or two but then it starts again. Has anyone been through the same thing? How long does it last? What can I do? Do I force him to wear a nappy, or...? Obviously he doesn't like wetting the bed and tries to deny it, but doesn't improve. He does get enough attention during the day, I make sure I play with him and stuff. My mother is here to help, but she's going in two days' time - how can I deal with that and get up several times a night to feed the baby? DH is not that much help - works very hard, comes back late and generally needs more sleep, so I can't make him change wet sheets every night. Help!

NannyL Sun 24-Apr-05 21:02:19

If i were you get some pampers bed mats and put them OVER his sheet. Or just a washable mat from boots etc, so you dont have to keep stripping the bed

at least that will save you some washing while you are coping with your new baby.

Dont worry about it, expect it will stop soon anyway, with lots of love attention and cuddles as you seem to be doing

charleepeters Sun 24-Apr-05 21:04:52

you could try not letting him drink before bed or make him go for a wee before bed and maybe buy a plastic sheet..... sorry i know im not much help i will post agian if i think of anything

JanH Sun 24-Apr-05 21:24:23

Without making a big deal out of it, see if you can persuade him that he would be more comfortable and sleep better in a pull-up/dri-nite, rather than waking up wet and cold. Obviously he can't help doing it and will probably grow out of it again in a few weeks but meanwhile it will be nicer for him and you if you can persuade him to wear something absorbent.

If he really won't and gets upset, then try NannyL's suggestion. At least then you wouldn't have to strip the whole bed every time.

vess Mon 25-Apr-05 09:36:56

Thanks for responce, we seem to be getting over it now (fingers crossed!). We're doing a sticker chart and he likes it. It's amazing how he can just stop. Maybe not due to the sticker chart entirely, probably just getting over the fact that there's a new baby and she's here to stay.

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