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2nd day potty training - are we getting anywhere?

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Corky Tue 05-Apr-05 17:34:04

I have just started training my 29month dd and we are on day 2. I'm trying to take her to the potty every 15/20 mins and she does more or less do a wee every time, sometimes she says she doesn't want to do a wee when she's sitting on it so I leave it another 15 mins. It seems when she goes for a long time it is harder to get her to sit back on the potty and then the accidents happen (although she managed to go 1hr 20mins this afternoon then wee on the potty)

Basically today so far she's done 14 wees and 5 accidents. I try not to show my frustration when she wets herself (she is wearing pants and trousers) and just change her and say never mind we can try again later.

As the day gets on she's more reluctant to sit on the potty and when I ask if she wants a wee she says no, but if I can persuade her to sit on the potty (perhaps by bribery) she then wees - so am not sure if the regularity of going on the potty is starting to annoy her as it seems constant at the moment.

She has also never done a poo on the potty or toilet and yesterday did a poo in her pants, so not sure how to tackle this as she is quite irregular when she poos and doesn't have a set time every day and can go maybe 2 days.

I do have a 2nd baby so think we're doing quite well considering, and she will pull her trousers and pants up and down to sit on the potty when I am feeding no.2. When she has these accidents though you can't help but want to give up as she just doesn't seem to be able to tell me when she needs a wee or when she does one in her pants yet.

Do you think we're making any progress and am I right to continue? I haven't planned anything for the remainder of the week so can stay at home and persevere although it does drive me up the wall staying in all day.

ebbie22 Tue 05-Apr-05 17:47:45

Do you think she is ready in herself?

Pinotmum Tue 05-Apr-05 19:12:09

Hi, I'm potty training ds who's a si,ilar age. Myself and another mum have a thread in this topic area called should I continue or postpone. If you have a read you will see you are not alone but I think persist for a while longer as your dd sounds ready if a little reluctant like my boy[ smile]

Corky Tue 05-Apr-05 20:05:59

Thanks Pinotmum I read your thread and am now thinking what have I started!! How on earth am I ever going to go out of the house again when I'm having to take her to the potty every 20 mins! Also how on earth am I going to deal with this and another baby in tow!! I think I'd feel much better if she'd start to tell me when she needs to go instead of saying no every time I ask her if she needs a wee. Perhaps I'll just stick it out until a week has passed and have another think. Also my dd goes to nursery 3 mornings a week and I can see this being a problem there as not sure if she'll pee there. Oh what joy!

allatsea Tue 05-Apr-05 20:18:48

I first tried to potty train dd when she was 30mo. We did the same as you and by the end of 4 incredibly frustrating days she was depressed and resistant. She would sit on the potty looking fed up for ages then get up and have a wee on the carpet, or she would run off screaming and have a wee on the carpet. We left it about 3 months and then tried again (when dd was 2y 10m). What worked best was leaving her to her own devices more. She liked us to be busy so that we should go and do it on her own. If she hadn't had a wee for about an hour then we'd quietly take her by the hand and chat away to her or talk about a book whilst helping her down with her pants. Poos were a little problematic. She still asks us to go away when she wants to do a poo and it took ages for her to have a poo somewhere else. This was 2 months ago and she has better bladder control than me! (Can easily go 3 hours). She does well when things are explained to her - "we're going to go out soon. When we've finished lunch and had a wee and a poo we can go" She then usually asks some sort of clarification questions and dutifully does as was asked.
If you think that you're making progress then carry on, but maybe pass it over to her more. If you really think that you or she has had enough there is nothing wrong with leaving it a few weeks and coming back to it when you feel refreshed.

Pinotmum Tue 05-Apr-05 20:18:53

How old's your baby? My ds was 7 months when I did dd and it was stressful I remember. She would wee in the potty and not tell me and he would crawl and make a grab for it and I'd just come back in from Kitchen in time or not sometimes . If it gets too stressful leave it for a while; especially if your dd is going to start nursery she may well regress like my ds did the first time I attempted this.

Pinotmum Tue 05-Apr-05 20:22:00

Oops sorry thought I read she was about to start? My mind is going, it's all this wee . I remember the first few says are always stressful and then it clicks. As you say give it a week and if everyone is meserable leave it a while. Let us know how it goes

coldtea Tue 05-Apr-05 20:29:22

I put ds into pants at 2 & a month & basically left it up to him. The first few days were the hardest (at least 10 pairs of wet pants) but by day 10 he was dry. I found the more i pushed the more he resisted. Instead of insisting he used the potty/toilet i would say 'who is going to go 1st you or mummy'. Who can do the biggest wee you or mummy?! When we were out i would 'race' him to the toilet to see who could be the winner.

I probably got lucky as he had really good control. I'll have to see how well i get on next week when i start dd!!

I really think it's worth persevering

Corky Tue 05-Apr-05 20:57:53

Well my baby is 6 weeks old so yes I know I'm mad to do it now, but when is a good time? At least ds sleeps a lot at the moment and there doesn't seem to be any jealousy between the two of them.

Perhaps tomorrow I'll try leaving her longer before I take her to the potty - I guess there's no harm in that maybe more accidents, but perhaps a bit keener come the afternoon.
I'll try it till next Monday and that's a week and make a decision - at least over the weekend dh can take over - he did it for an hour this morning and said he was worn out and what hard work it was - try it for a day then!

I really think she likes wearing the pants and is so pleased with herself when she's done a wee and she gets to put a sticker on her chart (even trying that too!) and she even takes her dolly and teddy to the potty all the time, so I do think she is ready - I guess its still early days.

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