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REAL NAPPY USERS: Reusable nappies and wipes for a 2.6YO? Is it worth it?

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mamadiva Sun 25-Jan-09 20:52:09

DS is baiscally not ready for potty training yet so I was thinking of geting these to save me a bit on both things and save the landfill a bit even though I've already filled half of britain.

Would you say it's worth it at this age if I can get them cheapish and what kind would you reccommend for a fairly heavy wetter?

mamadiva Sun 25-Jan-09 21:42:07

bumping again

lollipopmother Mon 26-Jan-09 14:35:28

Well it wouldn't be worth it I don't think if you buy new, but if you buy 2nd hand then you probably could sell for the same price you bought, as long as you don't wreck them somehow!

For a larger baby I'd suggest Wonderoos, they're a birth to potty nappy so should fit him. They are a pocket nappy so they have a waterproof outer and a fleece inner which is left unsewn at one end so that you can stuff it full of absorbent inserts. You can get all sorts of things in there, cloths etc, or you can buy inserts specifically for that type of nappy. Some people say that the Wonderoos come up small on large babies but you'd have to try one first to see how much room there is.

Errm, other than that I'm not sure as my DD is only 4.5 months!

AnnVan Mon 26-Jan-09 16:49:45

will you be having any more DC? if so it could be worth it as you would be able to use the napies on susequent DC. Wonderoos might be ok, but you'd have to check that they fit first, as he could be too big for them already.

nuttygirl Mon 26-Jan-09 16:52:44

If you plan on having more children then it would definitely be worth it as you could use them again. Also you can of course sell them on once you've finished with them (whether you buy new or used) and recoup some of the cost.

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