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Hmmm, I'm getting less and less enthousiatic about my Bamboozles and everyone seems to be raving about Bumgenius. Talk to me...

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NorktasticNinja Sat 24-Jan-09 23:17:32

DD is 14 months and despite having loved the size ones, I've never been all too happy with my size two Bamboozles. They work really well and I like bamboo. But, apart from a short period between about 9 and 12 months old, they've always seemed really bulky and lumpy-bumpy. Somehow it seems to be getting worse hmm

DD has chunky thighs and a slim waist (the bamboozles are getting tight on her thighs now) but, DC2 is coming in June and I've obviously no idea what his/her build will be. Oh, and DD is on the verge of walking, so she'll probably slim down / change shape soon(?).

I've never fancied pockets but I'm really tempted to try BGs. Is it just pregnancy madness? I've got a full kit of Bamboozles in two sizes for day and some decent night nappies too. Everything works (technically)... I might actually need to get some more nappies when DC2 comes out of size ones but that's not for nearly a year from now.

Grrrrr. Help pleasesmile

tegan Sun 25-Jan-09 09:38:23

my ds is 8 weeks and i too have bamboozles and am finding that they are tight on his waist already, so i am now looking for size 2's or thinking of BG but will they be worth the money?

NorktasticNinja Sun 25-Jan-09 10:25:16

I'd definitely avoid size two Bamboozles if I were you! Bambeasy are great but I've no idea about BGs yet...

tegan Sun 25-Jan-09 17:19:35

I have been looking on ebay and am not sure what to go for as ds is growing so fast and i really don't want to use disposables. The mothercare ones look quite good too.

NorktasticNinja Sun 25-Jan-09 19:00:13

Tegan - Is your DS in size ones? They don't normally fit for very long, but 8 weeks, wow! He must be a big chapsmile

There are an awful lot of good nappies out there, what's best for you really depends on the type you prefer (pockets, two parters, all in ones, terries, prefolds...) and your child's shape. It'd be well worth you staring a thread asking for advice TBH.

I've always been a fan of two parters, they tend to fit the widest range of body shapes and the combo of nappy and wrap makes them less likely to leak. But, as you can see from the OP I'm very tempted to try pockets ATM (although, personally, I wouldn't have dared whilst we still had explosive BF poo).

4andnotout Sun 25-Jan-09 19:08:24

Hi i have loads of BG version 2, they fit dd3 (16 months) and dd4 (13 weeks) so are ideal for me. DD3 has plenty of room in them yet, she is still on the 2nd popper setting and the tabs meet in the middle, she is about 24lbs. I do put a slim booster in with hers as they are v2 so only have 1 insert and dd3 is a power wee'er!
If you want a cheapie to try let me know and you can have one for £6 del.

JimmyMcNulty Sun 25-Jan-09 19:12:29

I have bumgenius (birth to potty) and on the whole think they are great, except I am sick of stuffing the pockets after every wash (ds needs a lot of stuffing - 3 bits in each nappy) and would rather have had the sized all-in-ones for that reason alone. ds is slim all over and they fit him well.

Am planning on changing to the sized bumgeniuses for baby no.2.

lollipopmother Sun 25-Jan-09 22:33:14

Tegan - Jesus, what weight is your DS? My DD is 19 weeks and 13lb 6oz and her size 1 Bamboozles are still touching in the middle!! She's a skinny mini but even so. I think you must be in size 0??

Katw3kitts Mon 26-Jan-09 10:38:41

I know what you mean about bamboozles, but I really liked them. I had some of the older style and tbh I thought they were better than the new version out now !

I also used wambamboo and found them to be a really good fit.

noonoo71 Mon 26-Jan-09 14:09:08

i use bg v3 and i love them, but i have to agree the stuffing part after washing does become tedious. but the fact that they will dry overnight on the airer makes up for this, i also use the tots bots flexi which i love deeplyblush

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