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Potty training advice please ...

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emmielou Mon 04-Apr-05 22:06:35

Starting training DD(2y 9m)on Saturday cos I'm fed up with changing nappies (have also got 17m twins)- Off came her nappy, straight to pants, only letting her wear pull-ups at night.

First of all, she resisted wearing any pants, offered her a sticker for wearing them..and duly wore them. Then resisted sitting on potty, again sticker trick worked.. I haven't been consistent with giving a sticker just for sitting, cause I felt she actually do something in the potty to achieve another sticker.. My friend suggested giving her two stickers when she does a wee and carry on giving her one for sitting.. What do you think?? - no wees in the potty yet, seems to have a strong bladder and can hold onto wee for 7 hours !!

All I seem to be doing is asking her if she needs to sit on the potty, "no".. have managed to get her on, with various bribes (watching tv, reading book etc)..

Have ventured out and had accidents.. its a long day inside... but maybe I should stay in more in hope that I'll catch the wee soon..

Already banging head against wall, and twins have just started walking and like the look of the potty.....

jjash Mon 04-Apr-05 22:21:24

I`d suggest agood few bare bummed days in the house if you can - but dont know whether your twins will want to join in? My dd is 2.5 and we started by going naked in house [ her not me!!]once she had couple of weeks using potty i then put knickers on her and she pulls them up and down .We still use pull ups when out for now - so blimey you are brave !!
i think its a long slow process for most kids .Just take it step by soggy step

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