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First time nappy rash with washables - do I need to do anything with nappies?

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LeoMcGarry Tue 20-Jan-09 14:50:12

DS is 9mo and wears Bumgenius. Occasionally has a little bit of redness if he has been teething, but yesterday noticed a round red sore patch. He's been teething for weeks now and his nappies have been horrid, and I think it is finally upsetting his bottom.

What can I do to stop it getting worse? Using bepanthen on bottom. Anything I can do with the BGs? Normally wash at 40C, no soaking, small amount of powder and use fleece liners. Should I be washing at a higher temp? Should I use disposable liners for a while? Any other tips?

Isaidno Tue 20-Jan-09 15:49:42

I wash at 60 degrees, but not sure if that would help your situation. It would make sure there were less germs I suppose, but that would only be an issue if the nappy rash was infected.
I like bumgenius but I am wary of using microbre nappies full time as they do not allow bottoms to breathe so well. Do you have any cotton ones you could try instead? Also bamboo is naturally antibacterial (and breathable) so sometimes helps nappy rash.

bitofadramaqueen Wed 21-Jan-09 19:37:18

My DS occasionally gets nappy rash - I use metanium as soon as I spot any redness and that usually clears it up before it starts IYSWIM!

Before I discovered metanium, he had an episode of really horrid nappy rash and I just washed the nappies at 60 degrees until it passed. I wash at 40 degrees now with no problems.

Only other thing to do for the moment is try and give him plenty of nappy free time.

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