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How do you potty train boys??? I

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Flumpybumpy Wed 14-Jan-09 21:26:31

I have a DD (5) who potty trained very easily.

DS is nearly 3 and needs to be potty trained for nursery. How do you potty train a boy?? With DD she sat on the loo until she went then we carried on form there.

I don't know where to start with a boy, won't it confuse him if I sit him on the loo?

maretta Wed 14-Jan-09 21:28:30

What's wrong with sitting on the loo.

Standing up wees are the advanced class - save those for the summer when he can practise his aim in the garden.

stealthsquiggle Wed 14-Jan-09 21:29:33

Nah - sitting is easier to start with and if he has a father around he will want to stand up soon enough - postpone the mess for as long as you can grin

Flumpybumpy Wed 14-Jan-09 21:32:20

Okay, sounds fair enough. He likes sitting on the loo whilst i run his bath but hasn't actually done anything in it yet. He did doo a poo in the loo but that was because I whipped his nappy off whilst he was #in the throes' and it landed in the loo so that doesn't count.

nappyaddict Thu 15-Jan-09 00:39:14

Sorry for the slight hijack but sometimes DS says he needs the toilet and I sit him on it and he doesn't do anything. But then sometimes just after I've taken him off he starts doing it so perhaps I'm not leaving him on the toilet for long enough. How long would you leave them sitting on the toilet without doing anything before taking them off again?

VinegarTits Thu 15-Jan-09 00:42:56

DS(2.5) sits on the potty/loo to wee/poo

No need for him to stand until he is older and got the basics right first

He is nappy free all day now, even for his naps

VinegarTits Thu 15-Jan-09 00:43:49

Nappyaddict, let him sit on the potty instead of the loo, give him a book to read until he has finished

nappyaddict Thu 15-Jan-09 00:56:59

I can't do that when we are out though.

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